by Stephie Smalls @stephiesmallls

With shortened training camps/ COVID-19 madness there has been an obvious increase in player injuries. The Giants, like most aspects, can’t seem to catch a break with injuries. McKinney, Saquon, and Zo Carter need their own article (and another pack of white claws). But, a lot of activity on the injury report this week. You’re killing me smalls…dropped.

Down and Out

CJ Board: We all saw C.J. Board absolutely terrifying injury against Washington, leaving him immobilized and boarded off the field. *breathe* Board was diagnosed with a concussion and neck sprain. Intentions are to have him cleared for Week 8 vs the Bucs.

Replacement: Austin Mack will fill his place, and depending on Mack’s performance I think the Giants wisely take a cautious approach to Boards return. Production wasn’t there…moving on.

Tae Crowder: This one stings. He was moved to IR following suffering a hamstring injury after proving to be not so Mr. Irrelevant. He will miss a minimum of 3 games. Given that the average days lost by players is just shy of 13 days, expect him to miss that minimum only. He is young and with appropriate rehab, he should return in the second match-up against the Eagles.

Darnay Holmes: The rookie cornerback (neck) is questionable. Maybe a stinger…injury details here has been relatively quiet, likely a game-time decision. This could go either way, given his limited practice time, most likely he should be on the field. *fingers crossed*

Working Through The Pain


We all saw the way Slayton came off that foot following his *beautiful* touchdown in the Washington game. This is something to keep an eye on. Right now with Saquon out, as well as Engram lacking an ability to get involved in the game, a lot is relying on Jones’s guy Slayton. Why is this a problem? Because the body is not indestructible. The more guys play, the more hits they take. The threshold to avoid injuries decreases.

Engram or Kaden Smith needs to step up. It’s a clear indication the Giants need to find additional options for Jones and take the pressure off Slayton. Playing hurt is normal, but in this case, there are no good backups.

Claw me!

Sterling Shepard: Shep has Turf Toe. Dropping medical knowledge on you. Turf Toe is a joint and ligament sprain around the big toe. It can be very painful and takes 3 to 4 weeks to heal. He is active and while he is our knight in shining armor, it’s important the Giants tread lightly with his return. Wide Receiver, Alex Bachman has also been activated just in case.

The Giants should not be returning Shep at the snap count prior to his injury. Rushing this return will leave us at a disadvantage with difficult match-ups to come. But, he will likely be in the rotation against the Eagles. 

Oh. And Dion Lewis should hit the field in Philadelphia. 

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