by Stephie Smalls @stephiesmallls 

Devonte Freeman:

It was difficult to establish a clear picture of the Freeman injury on film and minimal information has been released. If I was a betting woman I would say, the fracture is ruled out. That being said he likely suffered a low lateral ankle sprain or a high ankle sprain (Ankle sprain: is when a ligament *anterior talofibular ligament* which supports the ankle is essentially stretched beyond their limits and tears). The severity will be determined by if they see him on the practice field today. They could use him Sunday to do his thang against Tom Brady & Co. 

If it was a mild low sprain he likely would have returned to the game and/or practiced Tuesday, but since it’s the Giants…neither happened.

Stay Calm & Gallman On!

High Ankle Sprain:

The no practice today really opens the possibility of a more moderate sprain or a high ankle sprain. A high ankle sprain involves more ligaments located above that ankle joint between our tibia and fibula, since these ligaments typically act as shock absorbers there is an increase in tension with running (usually keeps players out up to 6 weeks). 

Most likely Freeman did not suffer a high ankle sprain and we can all avoid panicking, but the potential he does not play MNF is growing in possibility. I don’t remember the last time I felt comfortable with a back-up, but Gallman did prove to be a reliable top ball carrier against the Eagles.

Ready, Set, Saquon: 

Finally, Barkley will undergo surgery today to repair the torn right ACL injury sustained Week 2 in LA (10/30).


He also suffered a right MCL sprain, so additional time was allotted to begin healing the MCL and allow for secondary swelling to subside prior to surgery. This timeline is not uncommon with this surgery to optimize surgery & rehab success. Also, the additional time allows for rehab prior to surgery, this weekend we learned he has been biking during pre-surgery rehab.

Joe Judge may or may not have described the bike Saquon has been using is stationary, but this is my injury report and I can be vague if I want to. 

Barkley showed fans his full capability to bounce back fairly quick last season (in less time than anticipated), after sustaining a high ankle sprain in Week 3. Before you get your panties in a twist, I am aware of the large difference in 2019 vs 2020 injury, but what IS the same is his youthful age and Mamba mentality.

Given that, expect Saquon to link back up with his boys for training camp this summer and play week 1 for his 4th season…ballpark people!

 ACL rehab:

Torn ANYTHING…is never easy to rehab, but with Barkley’s resilience it is most certainly going to be “a hell of a story”. As far as this Saquon saga goes, I have two Smalls’ requests:

 1. Until cleared by his physician, please for the love of Eli Manning no more bikes!

2. The Giants need to continue to strengthen the offense and avoid overusing our golden boy. Hot Take: It’s cool to have Saquon on the Giants, but it would be much cooler if we actually got to watch him play.

And now…something Giants Fans aren’t used to…good news!

Xavier McKinney

 This season has been nothing short of brutal. But, losing 21-22 at Philly seems to have hit the fan base hard. It always hurts despite being used to it for years.

McKinney sustained a foot fracture in August requiring repair to the 5th metatarsal (long bone on the outside of the foot which connects to the little toe) and was placed on IR. BUT, this week McKinney posted on IG, detailing his progress…fingers crossed.

Coach Judge expressed his optimism on McKinney’s return in 2020. During his absence…Logan Ryan scooped up the free safety position and has done well. At Alabama, McKinney lined up all over the field (safety, cornerback, and linebacker) and his injury was just one of many disappointment for Big Blue.

McKinney’s return has been kept quiet in good ole’ Giants fashion, but his name returned in headlines this week. I think it’s fair to say he will return this season, but do not expect him prior to the bye week (week 11). Given his injury and the expectations of the rehab post-surgery, I predict we will see him facing the Bengals in week 12. With our record and the division in shambles, there is no concern that staff will rush him back.

Something to look forward to:

Grab a claw and throw on some McKinney’s college highlights. Other than the claws, they might be the only thing helping me lately.