Barkley will be a Rock Star for the Giants

By: Spiro Kasabian @slickfella_spi

With the No. 2 Pick in the NFL Draft, The Giants Select:  Saquon Barkley, Penn State.

Measurables Height: 5’11’’ | Weight: 229 LBS | Age: 20

I would like to present my case for Saquon Barkley to be the Giants selection with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.  This Bronx native would be a perfect fit for the New York Giants and the future of this franchise.

Barkley stats over 3 years:  671 Carries| 3,843 Rushing Yards | 43 Rushing TDs | 102 catches| 1,195 Receiving Yards| 8 Receiving TDs | 2 KO Return TDs

For all the talk about the NFL was becoming a passing league and running backs being devalued, it’s easy to see teams still win games by being able to run the ball.  Especially late in the game.  Look at the Top 15 rushing offenses in the league, and what do you see?

Eleven playoff teams!  Teams that can run the ball can control the clock.  That, in turn, keeps the defense fresh all game long.

  • Running backs can be found at any point in the draft (7th Rd – Ahmad Bradshaw), the truly elite running backs are most often taken in the Top 10. Look at the last 3 drafts.

Leonard Fournette (4th pick ’17) – 13 games; 1,342 all-purpose yards; 36 catches; 9 tds

Christian McCaffery (8th pick ’17) – 16 games; 1,086 all-purpose yds; 80 catches; 9 tds

Ezekiel Elliot (4th pick ’16) – 15 games; 1,994 all-purpose yds; 32 catches; 16 tds

Todd Gurley (10th pick ’15) – 13 games; 1,294 all-purpose yards; 21 catches; 10 tds

Barkley will bring versatility, versatility, and more versatility. One of Barkley’s best attributes is that you need to account for him on every play.  He can beat you with both his hands and his legs.  Barkley’s production in the passing game has increased each year: 54 catches and 632 yards receiving in his final season.

Barkley is a 5-tool running back.  He can beat you with Speed to the outside, Power between the tackles, Vision to make what should be a 2 yard gain into a 15 yard gain, Hands to make catches out of the backfield to move the chains, and Blocking (for the pass) which is underrated, but essential part of the duties of a running back.

He will make Eli Manning’s and the future quarterback’s lives easier. This will be just as important for the end of Eli Manning’s career as it will be for the beginning of the next quarterback.  Look no further than the Steelers, Chargers, and Saints.  Each team has given their quarterback a healthy running game to aid their aging process, and that has alleviated the pressure on Roethlisberger, Rivers and Brees.  They throw when they need to, but are no longer counted on to win every game with their arm.

Lastly, Barkley is a great teammate, leader and all-around good guy. By all accounts, his teammates love him and respect him.  Other players dropped out of their bowl games to protect their future and not risk injury, Barkley went out and played in his final collegiate game.  The Giants will need these types of players when Eli retires, and I believe that Barkley has all the attributes to be the new face of the Giant franchise.

Make it happen Gettleman!