By Michael J Basile @MdoublejB

The NYG starting running back position is set with Saquon Barkley already established as one of the leagues best.  Twenty-four-year-old Wayne Gallman, a 4th round pick in 2017 from Clemson figures to get plenty of carries if and when Barkley rests.  However with the signing of Rod Smith, one may wonder how many touches will Wayne Gallman actually receive.

Smith averaged 4.2 ypc for the Dallas Cowboys in 2017 but only 2.9 in 2018. He’s a bit larger for a back at 6’3” and 235lbs; while Gallman is 6’0” 217lbs and has proven to be athletic in open space.  Gallman is a better overall back but Smith possesses special teams experience and skill. This gives Smith the edge in 2019 as he can contribute right away.  

In addition, due to his size, Smith proves to be more of a “change of pace” back from Barkley than Gallman does.  This may lead to a decrease in opportunity. Don’t expect to see him rack up the 476 yards he churned out as a rookie.  Gallman only had 176 yards last year once Saquon put the league on notice, and so as long as Barkley stays healthy I’d expect Gallman’s playing time to be similar to 2018.

Either way, if either Smith or Gallman gets more than 100 carries, big blue is in big trouble.