Who has the Better Receiving Corp: New York Giants or Dallas Cowboys

The Eagles have no receivers and the Redskins are still without a quarterdeck…so let’s stay with the NFC East leaders in talent and yards.

First up:  Beckham vs Bryant

The Giants stud receiver Beckham is 4 years younger than Dez Bryant and has a lot less miles on him.  While there targets and receptions are within a few passes of each other, athletically Beckham is a better technical receiver.   Bryant uses his power and strength to snatch the ball away from opposing corners and safeties, where Beckham just out runs the defense almost every play over 20 yards.  He comes back to the ball…with every pattern.

Beckham has 427 yards after the catch opposed to Dez Bryant’s 352 YAC.   Each receiver had 1300 yards receiving, so who will be more productive in 2015?  The two biggest nuggets to take away from “who will be more productive in 2015” depends on the quarterback.  Eli Manning holds the iron man record while Tony Romo is one hit away from golf on Sundays.  Beckham will be a more productive receiver than Bryant in 2015.

Next Up: Rueben Randle vs Terrance Williams

Dallas receiver Terrance Williams had a damn nice year in 2014.   621 yards and 8 TD’s, but what disappoints me here is the 99 YAC.  Really?   The guy has 8 touchdowns and he only has 99 yards after the catch.  Rueben Randle may have had only 3 TD’s; however, the No 3. receiver turned No 2. due to the Cruz injury had 938 yards and 200 YAC.

In 2015 Randle will be asked to be a No. 2 and a No. 3…depending on when Victor Cruz is healthy to play.   The expectations went up in 2014 and he rose to the occasions with 317 more yards than Terrance Williams.  Randle also had more catches of 20+ yards and in 2015 will be seeing more single coverage.  Either way Randle is the pick over Williams.

Next Up:  Cruz vs Beasley

This isn’t even a discussion.   Cruz had 41 targets for 337 yards and 1 TD before he got hurt.  Beasley(420 yards total) and Williams had the exact same number of targets…37.   Beasley is very fast and scary in the open field, but at 5’8″ your quarterback needs to see the receiver to get him the ball.   This isn’t even a debate…Cruz will be more productive.   A fully rehabbed knee and a chip the size of New York on his back.

I’m taking Beckham, Cruz and Randle to be more productive in 2015.   It might not be by a lot, but I believe in Eli Manning and the new Offensive Coordinator, Ben McAdoo to make it happen in 2015.