Josh_Brown_kicks_FG_at_Rams_at_49ers_11-16-08_1There has hardly been any coverage regarding the Giants switching from Lawrence Tynes, who just recently signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, to Josh Brown as their primary kicker.

Then again, the lonesome kicker hardly gets any pub, as they are viewed as disposable. However, having a good kicker can go a long way towards a team’s success.

So, let’s take a look at one of the newest Giants and see how he’ll fit in with the club.

Brown most recently kicked with the Cincinnati Bengals, filling in for Mike Nugent the last four games of last season.

Brown finished the season in style, as he was successful on 11 of 12 field goal attempts and helped the Bengals claim a wild-card spot. During his 10-year career, Brown has connected on 81.3 percent of his field goal chances while also playing with the Seattle Seahawks and the St. Louis Rams.

For comparison’s sake, Tynes’ career field-goal percentage is 81.5. So, while Tynes did come up big in some clutch spots for the Giants, the drop off at kicker will not be substantial.  Tynes was not going to sign with the Giants, as they were hamstrung by the cap.  Brown was signed for the veteran minimum salary benefit.

Pushing aside the sentimental factor, Brown could actually be an upgrade. Although, Tynes did come through in big spots, there were times when he was woefully inconsistent. While not the strongest kicker in the league, Brown has proven he can get the job done and he might flourish in this high-scoring offense.

Where Brown will be measured, is how he does on kickoffs. For insurance, the Giants have also signed David Buehler at kicker, signifying that the two of them might fight it out during training camp.

Brown is the more accurate kicker, as Buehler’s career field goal percentage is 75 percent. So, with a more accurate leg and having more experience under his belt, expect Brown to win the job.

Dan Stack | Featured Columnist


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