In 24 hours, the Giants cut one of my favorite defensive players (Michael Boley), offensive players (Ahmad Bradshaw) and one of the workhorses of the defensive line (Chris Canty), all in an effort to cut payroll on a bunch of warhorses pushing the golden age of 30.

Never mind the blood, sweat and tears they left on the field the past years. Never mind the Super Bowls they helped bring to us.  The smiles they gave us, the pride, the high-fives with our friends- This isn’t the 1960s or even the 1980s anymore.  Salary caps are what GMs pay attention to, and business is business- and this is BIG (blue) BUSINESS.

So once again, my closet becomes home to yet another “retired jersey”.  My Superbowl champion #44 jersey that I bought the day after the Giants beat the undefeated Pats, with an inspirational, hard running rookie running back, picked 250 out of 255 players in that year’s draft.  What can you do? As Bill Simmons says- We root for laundry.  Soon enough there will be another #44, and I’ll be rooting for him as well.  The same way I rooted for Brandon Jacobs in Rodney Hampton’s jersey, Ron Disappointing Dayne, and now Stevie Brown.

It hurts.  I feel like a little kid whose old dog got put to sleep, with the promise of a new puppy next summer.  See you later guys, and good luck- Hopefully on another team, and maybe even back on the Giants, for a few mill cheaper… And next Fall, I’ll put on one of my Big Blue Jerseys as I park myself in front of the TV on Sunday- It won’t matter whose name is on it. Because in this day and age, we root for laundry, not players.

Andy Pritikin- GiantsRush Featured Writer