Could Von Miller play for the Giants in 2016?  It’s possible!

Sometimes the heat of summer can make anybody crazy.  Denver Linebacker Von Miller is something NY Giants fans can only dream about…or is it.

The deadline for franchise tagged players is friday at 4pm EST.   The talks between the Broncos and super star Von Miller have gotten very silent.  Silent good…silent bad? Nobody truly knows but Miller and the Broncos brass.  Reports are that the relationship has gotten quite chilly since the Super Bowl.

What we do know is that Miller is extremely firm about not playing under the “franchise tag” one year deal in 2016.    There is some crazy outside chance that he sits out the season and signs with an entirely new team in 2017.  What?!  Yes, that is very possible and he could sign with a new franchise as early as March 2017.  The 2016 exclusive tag can not be reused again, opening the door for Miller to sign elsewhere.  The set compensation for that to happen would be giving up a 1st round and 3rd round pick.

Can you hear the teams fighting over who is 1st in line?   Expect there to be many franchises ready with check book in hand.

How does this affect the NY Giants?  Maybe Von Miller would like to play in the biggest market in the country?   Pipe-dream?  Not entirely…the Giants have the 3rd most money left under the cap (20 Million) and could make a play for the all world linebacker if the Broncos decide letting him sit in 2016 and a 1st and 3rd in 2017 is not enough.

Giants General Manager, Jerry Reese could be on the bubble with another failed season…so dream away.

  1. Miller signs and replaces JPP after the season
  2. Giants trade DRC back to Denver and next year’s 1st round pick
  3. Giants trade Nassib, DRC and pick in the 2017 draft (2nd rd).
  4. Giants trade Owa Odighizuwa and 1st and 4th rd pick in 2017.

Miller is only 27 and could easily play the next 7 years opposite of Oliver Vernon giving Spags a very dangerous duo for years.