Introduction: The NFL trade deadline is about two weeks away  (October 29th) and currently the Giants are 2-4 and looking outside the playoff picture. Despite being only one game out of their division, the Giants are projected to win roughly 6 to possibly 7 games this season. If that’s the case, the Giants should consider being sellers come the trading deadline. If so, there are a few players who the Giants could look to trade for additional picks in the 2020 draft (Currently have 8 picks/compensation undetermined). Here’s a look at which players could be available for the Giants to trade:

  • Janoris Jenkins (CB): This is the obvious choice for the Giants if they decide to be sellers as Jenkins could net them the best return. Jenkins has played well overall despite his debacle against the Buccaneers and wide receiver Michael Evans. Aside from that game, Jenkins has done well and his trade value is definitely up from last season.  A major concern of course is that Jenkins is due to make $11.25M in 2020 and that could minimize what the Giants might get back. The projection by many scouts is that the Giants would get a 4th rounder in return due to his contract in 2020. Possible teams: Kansas City Chiefs and the  Seattle Seahawks
  • Rhett Ellison (TE); Ellison being traded could free up $6.25M in cap space and only a $1.25M in dead money in 2020. The Giants could look to fill his spot with a much more affordable option currently on the roster in someone like Garrett Dickerson and Kaden Smith or search practice squads around league, or even look to bring back C.J Conrad. Ellison is 31 years old and is not close as an elite tight end, but a reliable one in both run blocking and in the passing game. Ellison would probably net the Giants at least a 5th or a 6th round pick; which produced LBer Ryan Connelly and WR Darius Slayton (5th rounders) in last year’s draft. Possible Teams: New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills.
  • Golden Tate (WR): Tate’s bulk of his contract was up front, so teams that might be needing help at the wide receiver position could be interested. Tate is still a very capable receiver and would garner interested if he becomes available. The Giants currently have two receivers locked in until 2023 (Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton) and speculation has the Giants looking to add another one in the upcoming draft as well. Tate would probably bring back a 4th round pick; which would be more than enough with the depth in this year’s draft. Possible teams: San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks.

Final Thoughts: These three players would be the main candidates based on their  contracts, but there could be other players on the roster on a smaller scale who could be available if the Giants really decide to clean house. However; for now I will just have these three as possible options.