The NFL gets more competitive every year.   To win you have to change the antiquated ways of going about your business.   If you’re struggling to figure out how the Giants got themselves in this mess…look no further than the General Manager.

Yes, there is an aging QB,  an inadequate offensive line at three of the five positions and a ton of diva’s that fail to lay it all-on-the line.  However, this all comes back to how this team was built.  The Giants GM refuses to draft players that are considered “positions of need”.  His scouts have delivered evaluations have been wrong 70% of the time.

Teams around the NFL are finding new ways to get better.  Let’s use the 2017 draft as an example of the 10 years Jerry Reese has been that the helm.

  1. Cleveland Browns – 3 Picks in 1st round – 2017 draft
  2. New Orleans Saints – 3 Picks in 3rd round – 2017 draft
  3. Seattle Seahawks – 4 Picks in the 3rd round –  2017 draft
  4. Green Bay Packers – 2 Picks in the 2nd round –  2017 draft
  5. Indianapolis Colts – 3 Picks in the 4th round – 2017 draft
  6. Houston Texans – 2 Picks in the 2nd round -2017 draft
  7. New England Patriots – 2 Picks in the 2nd round – 2017 draft
  8. Cincinnati Bengals – 3 Picks in the 4 round –  2017 draft

The Giants did nothing, except draft a backup QB…again.   This coming draft the fans can only hope the Giants have a new GM and scouting staff.   And with those new staff members will  come new philosophies.

The first thing to do come draft time is execute a trade of cornerback Janoris Jenkins.  While he is a great player when focused, the Giants have a litany of holes to mend.  Jenkins tackles have decreased every year since he’s been in the league and his attitude does not fit the New York Giants style of football.

The draft philosophy also needs to change. ..draft to fill a need, grab additional picks and get more talented bodies in camp.  Trading Jenkins also makes sense to have DRC play a bigger role.  He is owed 2017-2018: $6.48 million and a free agent in 2019.