By Michael Stewart | NY Giants Rush Contributor

Top 6 teams as Super Bowl Favorites

Now that we have reached the halfway point of the 2014 NFL season, it’s time to analyze which teams have the best chances of reaching the Super Bowl. There doesn’t seem to be any clear-cut favorites as the league has become more competitive and teams seem more balanced.

With that being said, here are my top 6 teams (3 in each conference and in no particular order) that have shown the most in the first half of the season and should be considered as serious contenders:


1. Arizona Cardinals (7-1): That’s right, the Cardinals have emerged as a serious contender with impressive wins against the Chargers, 49ers, Eagles and the Cowboys. There only setback came at the hands of the Broncos. 1st year Head Coach Bruce Arians has done a great job in a short amount of time giving this team an identity and a confidence on the field.

Carlson Palmer is playing like he did in his prime and a well-balance attach on offense to go along with a defense that has been very effective.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (6-2): Despite the injury to QB Nick Foles, this team is built around a solid running game and a defense that comes to play in every game. Head Coach Chip Kelly will find a way to keep this team on the winning track during Foles.

3. Green Bay Packers (5-3): Despite a slow start, QB Aaron Rodgers has taken this team on his shoulders by winning 4 of the last 5 games. The reason why I selected the Packers over other noteworthy teams is the fact that the Packers have Rodgers, a balance attack on both sides of the ball and a tradition that speaks volume.


1. New England Patriots (7-2): The Patriots have been a model of consistency over the last decade and despite a slow start, have emerged as a serious contender in AFC. QB Tom Brady has the offense clicking on all cylinders and the defense seems to be getter stronger with each week. An impressive win against the Broncos only solidifies that the Patriots are legitimate contenders to reach the Super Bowl.

2. Denver Broncos (6-2): Despite being manhandled by the New England Patriots, the Broncos should still be considered as one of the top AFC teams to reach the Super Bowl. QB Peyton Manning is having a solid season and with so many weapons at his disposal on offense, the Broncos can put up points in a hurry.

On Defense, Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware have been terrors off the edge on opposing QB’s and overall, this defense is a lot better than last season’s; which  went to the Super Bowl.

3. Indianapolis Colts (6-3): I’ve chosen the Colts over the Steelers, because despite being embarrassed by the Steelers 51-34 (it wasn’t that close), I still feel the Colts are an overall better team. QB Andrew Luck has the Colts offense scoring a ton of points (league leading).  

The Colts defense needs to get a little more consistent and develop a better pass rush. If so, the Colts can beat any team in the AFC. If not, then they will have an early exit in the playoffs.