Top 5 Players that need to produce

By Michael Stewart

The New York Giants will be looking to bounce back in the upcoming season and return to the playoffs since 2011. Although Football is a team sport and to be successful; it requires many players from the 53-man roster to contribute. I have compiled the top 5 players that must produce and play at a higher level to return the Giants to the playoffs.

  • Eli Manning:  Entering his final year of his contract, Manning’s production is vital. Not only for personal reasons, but also any hope of returning to the playoffs.  If the OL can give him just enough time, Manning will make the plays and will have an arsenal at his disposal.
  • Jon Beason: If Beason can perform as he did during his 1st season with the Giants, he will not only give the Giants that leadership on defense; but will also make other players around him better.  
  • Jason Pierre-Paul: I don’t believe we will ever see the JPP from his Pro Bowl years, however; if JPP can match his performance from last season, similar to Beason, he will make the rest of the DL much better and force teams to double team him at times.  
  • Prince Amukamara: Although this should imply the entire secondary, I picked Amukamara because he will be the one who will cover the opposing #1 WR more often in man to man coverage. Like Manning, Amukamara is also in his final year of his contract, so a lot is at stake for him personally and also team wise.  I’m not implying that he needs to be a shutdown CB, however; I am implying that he needs to prevent the big plays that hurt the Giants so often last season.  
  • Victor Cruz: We all know the type of year OBJ had in his rookie season; which earned him rookie of the year on offense. However; if Cruz doesn’t return and become a threat in the slot; teams will more than likely employ double teams on OBJ, which in turn, make Randle the #1 target for Manning.

Final Thoughts: Obviously, there are other intangibles that need to be considered for the Giants to make the playoffs, such as: Turnover ratio and Injuries. However; based on personnel alone, I feel these 5 players must lead the way for the Giants to have a successful season; which includes making the playoffs.