Posted by Michael Stewart | NY Giants Rush Contributor

Top 5 In-House Free Agents the Giants Should Re-Sign

1. Antrel Rolle (S): Rolle has been perhaps the best defensive player for the Giants over the last few years. There’s no doubt that Rolle is still one of the best safeties in the NFL and he wants to finish his career with the Giants. Both sides need to be flexible as Rolle’s salary was $7,420M in 2014. So unless he is willing to take a home town discount; the chances of the Giants re-signing him will be slim, but worth a shot.

2. Walter Thurmond (CB): Thurmond is one of the best slot CB’s in the NFL and in a league where the passing game is on the rise; you can never have too many quality corner backs. The main problem with Thurmond is his durability to stay healthy for a full season. In 2014, Thurmond made $3M in salary and based on his inability to avoid injuries; the Giants will most likely offer a lesser amount for his services. Perhaps a base salary of $1.8m with performance incentives would be appealing for both sides.

3. Larry Donnell (TE): Donnell was very inconsistent in 2014; aside from his performance against the Washington Redskins (4 TD’s); his overall numbers were among the lowest for TE’s in the NFL. However; Donnell does have athletic ability for his size and with offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo having the opportunity of working with him in the off season. Donnell could benefit the most and become a reliable TE for the Giants.

The Giants need to decide if Adrien Robinson is still in their plans and if so, having both in camp competing for the TE job would be ideal. Donnell only made $450K in 2014, so the price should not be an issue. The main question will be; do the Giants feel that Donnell’s upside is worthy of a new contract.

4. Zack Bowman (CB): Bowman is the ideal CB for the Giants in their defensive packages in the nickel defense. He has good ball hawking skills and solid coverage ability. Bowman also has the injury bug tag and unless he can ensure that he can remain healthy throughout the season; the Giants might pass on him. Bowman’s salary in 2014 was $795K, so money should not be an issue. Perhaps a salary base of $600K with incentives might work for both sides. As I mentioned earlier; you can’t have too many quality CB’s in the NFL.

5. Jason Pierre Paul (DE): The Giants defense in 2014 was very bad. I understand that they suffered a ton of injuries to key starters and with a lack of depth on the defensive side of the ball; the results was a 6-10 record. One of the main problems for the Giants on defense was their inability to get to the quarterback.

JPP had 12.5 sacks in 2014, which is good overall, however; many of those sacks came in games against teams with an injury riddle OL. JPP did play well enough in 2014 (77 tackles) as he was good against the run as well. This will be the toughest decision by the Giant management in the off season.

JPP 2014 salary was $3,216.800 and if both sides can’t meet or agree on a reasonable number (similar to Antrel Rolle), then the chances are very slim of JPP returning to the Giants in 2015. Still only 25 years old, JPP should be entering his prime years and if the Giants believe that he can perform consistently as he did in 2014, then there is a good possibility that both side can work it out.