By Michael Stewart/@golferbad

Introduction: It’s no secret that the New York Giants are arguably suffering their worse stretch as a cellar dweller since the 1970’s winning only 12 games over the past three seasons. The current PFF projections has the Giants at 6.5 in wins, but I have my own opinion about how many wins they will have in 2020 and will have that article out once the roster becomes official. When I look at the core players for the Giants on both sides of ball, I do have a sense of excitement and believe this team is going in the right direction. In order for the Giants to define the 2020-21 season as a success, doesn’t mean that they must make the playoffs; which would be great, however; I foresee a more realistic outcome and it doesn’t include the playoffs. So here are my top 5 elements the Giants need to establish in 2020 to be considered a success and moving in the right direction”

  1. Identity: Head Coach Joe Judge already has been implementing this during his meetings with the players and coaches. The Giants need an identity change for the better, one that is geared to positive thinking and a winning mindset. This is a trickling effect that begins with the Head Coach and works its way to every coach and player on the roster. Bottom line: If you believe you can achieve.
  2. Attitude: The current Giant team needs to go back to their archives in Giants history and watch the Giant teams of their four Super Bowl titles. The Giants organization should welcome former Giant greats to instill what made them a champion and develop an attitude that they can win every time they step onto the field. Keep in mind that when you continue to lose as the Giants have done over the past three seasons, it becomes acceptable and that certainly needs to change.
  3. Confidence: Positive thoughts will more often translate into positive results with perhaps a few bumps along the way. This can also be true with negative thoughts as the Giants over the last three seasons were treading more on the negative side. Building confidence will be a slow and steady process, but one that can be achieved. Head Coach Joe Judge has displayed nothing but confidence since he has arrived, That way of thinking along with his actions can be contagious in a positive way and if Judge can instill this throughout the roster, the Giants will only benefit from it in the long run.
  4. Development: Over the last three drafts, GM Dave Gettleman has put together a solid group of young talented players on both sides of the ball and it’s not only up to the coaching staff to develop and bring out the best in each player, but it’s also up to each player to want to become the very best. I believe the Giants are assembling a solid core of young talented players who also display strong character traits that is often overlooked.
  5. Results: If the Giants are able to embody the first four elements and stick to the plan, then their final step (Results) will be accomplished. The Giants will once again become the dominant force in the NFC east like the Giant teams who hoisted the Lombardi Trophy on four occasions.  

Final Thoughts: These top 5 elements aren’t a secret as every team in the NFL wants to achieve these and become a winning organization. However; only a few have consistently followed this blueprint and only one has mastered it. Over the past ten seasons, five NFL teams have led the way following this guideline and they are: Denver Broncos (94-66), Indianapolis Colts (100-60), Pittsburgh Steelers (103-57), Green Bay Packers (106-53-1) and the New England Patriots (126-34). Head Coach Joe Judge was a part of the Patriots success and when you talk to many Patriot players and coaches, Joe Judge name comes up as one of the main reasons (along with Bill Belichick) the Patriots are who they are. Now it’s time to start another dynasty and this one is in East Rutherford.