Eli Manning is a great quarterback.  He has won two Super Bowls and two Super Bowl MVP’s.  He also plays every game and has the ability to make all the throws, but the results have been bad, real bad over the last two years.

But he didn’t just get bad over night.   His inept, old offensive line is part of the problem and so is his Offensive Coordinator.

With three years left on his seven-year 106.9 million dollar contract, no one and I mean no one wants to see three more years of this type of football.  It’s time for Tom Coughlin to let Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride go.  

Tom Coughlin is part of the overall Giants brand.  He deserves to stay and right the ship he built; however, the big picture is the Giants offense needs a fresh coat of paint.   Eli Manning and his squad struggle getting the play into the huddle on time, catching the defense off guard and putting the ball into the end zone.  3 major problems that fall onto the shoulders of one, Kevin Gilbride.

The Giants are ranked 30th in overall points, 28th in overall yards, 19th in passing yards and 28th in rushing yards…it’s pretty bad when you pull back the curtain.

If Eli and Tom Coughlin plan on riding out and into the sunset together they need to get younger with some fresh coordinators.  The first move of the off-season should be to find a new quarterback coach to fix Manning’s bad mechanics and a new Offensive Coordinator that will allow Eli, Cruz, Brown, Wilson, Randle and possibly Nicks to flourish.  

Otherwise, expect the same output next season.   If football is a business why are the New York Giants utilizing the same predictable scheme that Gilbride installed 7 years ago.   Are you doing business the same way you did 7 years ago?

If so, one would guess that you’re out of business.  

The Giants “Pedestrian” offense over the last 7 years(average): 

  • Points per game – ranked 11th
  • Yards per game – ranked 13th
  • Passing Yards – ranked 14th
  • Rush per game – ranked 14th

For the fire power the Giants have on their roster they should always be a top 10 ranked team.   Think of the possibilities.  Thank you Kevin Gilbride for your service, the New York Giants need to move on to bigger and better things in today’s NFL.

And Kevin…the NFL figured out when you were running that draw play years ago.

Craig J. Santucci  | Managing Editor