Tight End Martellus Bennett Should Have Been Resigned

Tight End Martellus Bennett should have been resigned

Brandon Myers is not the answer for the New York Giants.  In the current stage the New York Giants need a guy who can block, which we have seen is not Myers forte.  The only thing Brandon Myers is at this point is a Jerry Reese special…cheap.

Martellus Bennett was a good player who was wiling to give the Giants a “home town” discount, but in Jerry’s world that was not going to happen.  Instead Wil Beatty received 38 million because Reese deemed him a franchise type player.

2013 Bennett stats

20 receptions | 225 yards | 11.3 yards a catch | 3 TDs(1 TD gaming winning TD grab)

  • Bennett is on pace for 900 yards and 12 TD’s
  • Myers is on pace for 692 yards and 4 TD’s