Tight End Martellus Bennett should have been resigned

Brandon Myers is not the answer for the New York Giants.  In the current stage the New York Giants need a guy who can block, which we have seen is not Myers forte.  The only thing Brandon Myers is at this point is a Jerry Reese special…cheap.

Martellus Bennett was a good player who was wiling to give the Giants a “home town” discount, but in Jerry’s world that was not going to happen.  Instead Wil Beatty received 38 million because Reese deemed him a franchise type player.

2013 Bennett stats

20 receptions | 225 yards | 11.3 yards a catch | 3 TDs(1 TD gaming winning TD grab)

  • Bennett is on pace for 900 yards and 12 TD’s
  • Myers is on pace for 692 yards and 4 TD’s