Introduction:  Who’s to blame for the Giants downfall over a span of 7 season’s that has only produced one winning season since 2013 (2016-11-5 record). Fingers have been pointed in many directions from GM’s Jerry Reese and Dave Gettleman, to Head Coaches Tom Coughlin, Ben McAdoo, Pat Shurmur and the Giants scouting system. However; one constant throughout this entire mess we call the New York Giants has been their ownership of John Mara and Steve Tisch. The two families formed a partnership in 1991 when Bob Tisch (father of Steve) purchased 50% of the team. Steve Tisch officially took over in 2005 after the death of Bob Tisch and the two partners have 2 Super Bowl championships on their resume.

However; since their last Super Bowl victory (2011) the New York Giants franchise has been a losing organization with only 2 seasons with a winning record (2012 &2016) and seemingly with no direction to improve the makeup of this team. Former GM Jerry Reese decimated the Giants roster with years of poor drafting and free agent signings and currently GM Dave Gettleman who was part of the Giants glory years was brought in to change not only the culture of this team, but also make them winners again and after three season’s the results have not been favorable and now it appears more than likely Gettleman will be gone after the season.

Final Thoughts: So, who’s to blame? Reese and Gettleman should burden some of the blame as well as the coaching staff and scouting department. Ultimately the owners are the ones who hired them and should take full responsibility for this mess we call the New York Giants. There’s no crystal ball or magic potion here Giant fans on when or if the Giants can turn it around in a short amount of time as many believe the ownership of Mara and Tisch need to change their old school approach and think outside the box. While others believe keeping the Giants tradition alive by hiring from within is still the way to go. Giant fans will know which direction the ownership will go with the next GM they hire. Will Mara and Tisch stay true to form and hire someone from within? As Kevin Abrams name has been rumored or will they realize that a fresh face with a whole new approach is a better option for this team moving forward? Mara and Tisch owe it to the fans that have stood by this team through all the lean years to make the right decision; and that decision could start with Dave Gettlemans possible replacement. Keep an eye out for my upcoming articles on the New York Giants possible GM search and ways to turn this team around.