By Michael Stewart/@golferbad


With the 2019 NFL season winding down with 2 games remaining. We continue the Race for Chase countdown to see which team will end up with the 2nd overall pick and the opportunity to select defensive end Chase Young out of Ohio State. Young has had a dominating season with the Buckeyes with 16.5 sacks, 21.0 tackles for losses and even forced fumbles in just 11 games.

Two teams have eliminated themselves from contention with their wins yesterday and they are the Jacksonville Jaguars beating the Oakland Raiders 20-16 and the Atlanta Falcons upsetting the San Francisco 49ers 29-22.  

Both teams gained their 5th win of the season and have a 5-9 record going into the final two weeks of the regular season.  The Cincinnati Bengals now hold a commanding two game lead for the 1st overall pick with a 1-13 record; which is still being projected to be LSU quarterback Joe Burrow. Below is the list of teams that could wind up finishing at #2 if everything goes their way. Let’s look at each team, their strength of schedule and their remaining games:

New York Giants

  • Record: 3-11
  • Strength of Schedule: .461
  • Remaining Games: Redskins and the Eagles.

Comment: The Giants remain in the #2 spot with their win over the Miami Dolphins 36-20. The win broke the Giants nine-game losing streak.   

Record: 3-11

Washington Redskins :

Strength of Schedule: .493

Remaining Games: Giants and the Cowboys.

Comment: The Redskins hold the #3rd spot currently and will face the Giants next week that could determine which team finishes with the 2nd overall pick.

3. Miami Dolphins

  • Record: 3-11
  • Strength of Schedule: .493
  • Remaining Games: Bengals and Patriots.

Comment: The Dolphins still sit at #4 spot with their loss to the Giants 36-20 and will face the Cincinnati Bengals next week and still have an outside chance.

4. Detroit Lions

  • Record: 3-10-1
  • Strength of Schedule: .502

Remaining Games: Broncos and Packers.

Comment The Lions continue their downward spiral with their loss to the Buccaneers 38-17 and remain in the 5th spot.

5. Arizona Cardinals

  • Record: 4-9-1
  • Strength of Schedule: .540

Remaining Games:

Seahawks and Rams. The Cardinals still hold the 6th spot and remain in contention despite their win over the Cleveland Browns 38-24. However; they would need to lose their last remaining games and hope teams ahead of them suddenly get hot.

Final Thoughts:

Only two more games remain and the final outcome could be decided by next week’s matchups; especially the game between the Giants and the Redskins. Detroit and Arizona both having a tie are at a major disadvantage and need to have everything to go their way if they have any chance of securing the #2 spot. They could be the next to fall after next week’s results.