by Craig Santucci @NYGiantsRush

2018 NY Giants: Week 2 Rant & Rave

The New York Giants vs. the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night either makes for the worst Monday morning ever or a chance to greet those Cowboy fans at the door when the sun comes up.  Giddy Up!

Rant:  Every year I ask the same thing.  Who made the Cowboys America’s team?   Who ranks this franchise “in value” above the New York Yankees.  The last time the Cowboys won a Super Bowl it was 1996.

Rave:  The Giants Defense without OV looked sharp last week for week one, allowing only 13 points.  While there was a noticeable lack of pass rush, this defense is slowly starting to gel.  Janoris Jenkins started off rough but finished nicely with 7 tackles and 1 interception.

Rant: Kareem Martin, the free agent Outside Linebacker signed in the off-season from Arizona looked bad.  He had trouble setting the edge all game.   Jacksonville either ran around him or threw in the flat behind him.  Witten may be gone, but Tight End, Geoff Swain is more than capable of hurting The New York Giants when they play the Dallas Cowboys Sunday Night.

Rave:  The Dallas Cowboys are facing adversity when it comes to offensive line health and production.  Maybe the young impressive linebacker Zo Carter and NFL vet Connor Barwin can make a difference.  Once again the overpaid Vernon is not on the field. Center Travis Frederick out with a serious illness and back up Kavon Frazier, had a dislocated shoulder 3 weeks ago.  Recently, back up Joe Looney has had a finger/hand injury.  With pressure up the middle from Harrison, Hill, and Tomlinson, maybe Bettcher can dial up more Zo.  

Rant: Ereck Flowers the one-man wrecking machine will require help all game. DeMarcus Lawrence (hamstring) is one of the best ends in the game.  He should be ready to go Sunday Night and will not be contained, disrupted or interfered with from one Ereck Flowers.   Tight End, Rhett Ellison or Back up Tackle Chad Wheeler is the only option to deploy help.

Rave:  The triple threat of Damon “Snacks” Harrison, Tomlinson and Hill up the middle is no joke.  They could be an elite front three when the season is over.   Against the Jags, they had 15 tackles (combined) and kept Fournette and Yelton to 92 yards.   These boys up front are ready for Zeke on Sunday Night.

Rant:  I might lose my mind if the ghost of Jason Witten returns.  Witten single-handedly beat the Giants for 14 years.   Ogletree and company should be able to stop Geoff Swain.   While Swain is good…he does not have the ability to turn “invisible” as Jason Witten did every time he played the Giants.  In fact, I implore Landon Collins to put his facemask under his chin strap (clean) and welcome Swain to his first NFL season as a starter.  Prescott doesn’t throw a ton of deep balls with accuracy…he needs the tight end.

Rave:  This is why we traded for Ogletree and kept BJ Goodson.   The Giants can not afford to go 0-2 and if the Cowboys are to win..its going to be done with Zeke running the ball.  Goodson and Olgetree need to fly around and play old-school smash mouth football and show the NFL the new 3/4 hybrid defense has two badass linebackers in the middle to be reckoned with.

Dallas Cowboys Bonus Round

Rant: Evan Engram needs to catch the freaking ball and Olivier Vernon needs to get on the field.