By: Craig Santucci @NYGiantsRush

The New York Giants fell to the Washington Football Team last night 29-30. It was an entertaining game with long Touchdown throws, lead changes, Interceptions, and last-minute drama.

What it was not…was a win for the New York Giants as they fall to 0-2 once again.


Patrick Graham lost a substantial amount of weight in the off-season, perhaps he lost the ability to read the room and evaluate his players and gameplan during that off-season process. The Giants’ defense was terrible and now have given 57 points in two game. Graham has been known to make adjustments during the game, series by series; however, he has been missing in action for the beginning of the 2021 season. If this team is going to compete and attempt to win 8 games…he needs to figure it out. He also needs to teach McKinney how to tackle. He had the same problems last year. You can not play FS in the league if you can not tackle. Frankly, I am tired of hearing about potential. Ball out or get off the field.


Daniel Jones balled out. He absolutely looked like the franchise player the Giants hoped he would be. Something clicked last night. He had great command of the offense, ran the RPO to perfection, and at the end of the game found himself the leading passer 22 | 32 | 250 | 1TD and the leading rusher 9 | 95 | 1 TD. No. 8 made a dozen big plays including two bombs to Darius Slayton (one TD dropped) that could have been two touchdowns. His 13-yard timing strike to Rudolph was a thing of beauty. Jones lasered a pass between the safety and the linebacker before Rudolph had even made his break. Even scrambling at the end of the game to keep The Giants in field goal range was something a great QB does.

He ran with authority, had a TD called back on a bad holding call, and had numerous balls dropped by Kenny G & Slayton. He raised his average pass from six yards to 11 yards and absolutely went through his reads, looking off receivers, scanning the field for other options. Everything we asked for since Sunday. It was his best game as a pro.


Bradberry and Adoree Jackson continue to look lost. For the second week in a row, both corners are in a very soft zone, getting pushed all over the field. Mclaurin had 11 rec | 109 yds |1 TD, most of that production coming against Bradberry. SEVEN for 1st downs. Bradberry was second on the team in tackles (seven) but that was because WFT came directly at Bradberry on most plays.

On the last TD drive to Ricky Seals-Jones, I was amazed at how little resistance Jackson put up to save the Touchdown. He could have taken a PI called and lived to play another down. Both corners look out of position, chasing from behind and hurting this team.


Sterling Shepard continues to show you why he is one of the best route running slot receivers in the game. Even with a team stacked with offensive weapons, Shepard continues to be the leading receiver for the second week in a row and 27% of Jones targets. Shepard has made some great catches underneath, and across the middle for 1st downs. He moves the chains and is Jones’s go-to guy. PS: Barkley is starting to flash and it’s nice to see. An increase in touches will make a difference as this offense starts to hit stride. it’s obvious they are taking it slow with No. 26.


I’m sorry but players have to make plays. Leonard Williams notched two pressures in 37 opportunities, big freaking deal. The group, as a whole, generated four more pressures, but for the most part, Dexter Lawrence, Zo Carter, Ximines, Williams, and company did nothing to make Taylor Heinicke uncomfortable in the pocket. Ojulari had a few nice plays in the passing game and you can see him developing. His biggest flaw is making plays after the catch. On numerous occasions, I saw him standing around watching receivers run after the catch.


Jason Garrett finally steppped outside his shell and called a good game, his best game as the Offensive Coordinator. Great mix of RPO and vertical passes. He got Rudolph, KSmith, Shepard, and Slayton involved and had the WFT defense off balance throughout the game scoring 19 points in the second half. He was agressive from the opening kick off which allowed Daniel Jones to make plays with his legs and his arm. They left 14 to 17 points on the table and it had nothing to do with Jason Garrett’s ineptness.


Kenny G = bad optics. Last night the big free-agent wide receiver was seen on the sidelines yelling at his quarterback, looking like a full-on diva. We should also mention that he dropped two balls any $72 Million dollar receiver should catch. Got a problem with the QB, take it inside the locker room. This guy has earned NOTHING with the Giants and NOTHING with Giants fans. The press has already blown this off as they were seen hugging after the game. I call BS. Where there is smoke… there is fire. The QB was busting his ass last night…carrying the team on his back and this guy has the balls to freak out on national TV.


Why did this team draft, Toney? It’s obvious he isn’t really part of this offensive plan. Now, there are only so many balls to go around, but there has to be something else going on. At least let him return kicks. I wasn’t happy with this pick, however, he wears “Blue” so we root for him. Would Toney make a difference…possibly. No one has actually seen him play since college. If he is healthy could they not carve out some snaps and get him the ball. It was a short week. Maybe it’s on the way.