NFL Draft 2017: It’s the Year of the Tight End for the Giants

The Giants need a Tight End.  It’s that easy.  A play making, bullish Tight End with some attitude.  This would dramatically help the very unproductive offensive line.  Currently the Giants have a very poor running game, a quarterback with happy feet and very little ability to extend drives on third down.

Like the Linebackers, the Giants brass has put little resources into the position.  For the Giants to make it back to the playoffs and actually be competitive the Tight End position needs to be upgraded.

But where do you find this guy?   Do you really see a ground breaking Tight End in this years draft class or do you see a few college Tight Ends taking advantage of much lesser competition.

We don’t need to live in the past; however, we do need to point out that Brandon Myers, Daniel Fells, Larry Donnell, Travis Beckum, Jerome Cunningham, Adrien Robinson, Kellen Davis, and Darcy Johnson are not NFL Tight Ends but had nice college careers.

As much as Will Tye is nice player, The Giants need a Greg Olsen, Tyler Eifert, Jordan Reed, Zach Ertz, Jimmy Graham, Jason Witten, Travis Kelce, Gary Barnidge, or a Delanie Walker.   Pick who you want…these guys are real good with ball and most can block.

The 2017 NFL Draft:

Every “football analyst” is projecting 2017 to be “The Year of the Tight End”.  So before you fall in love with some college stud and start your campaign who the Giants should draft. Let’s look at the million dollar question…”Where do great Tight Ends Come From?”

To name a few:

Miami  U:  Jeremy Shockey, Jimmy Graham, Greg Olsen, Kellen Winslow and Clive Walford.

Iowa:  Dallas Clark, Scott Chandler, and C.J. Fiedorowicz

Notre Dame: Mark Bavaro, Tyler Eifert, Kyle Rudolph, Troy Niklas

Stanford: Coby Fleener and Zach Ertz

Cincinnati: Brent Celeck and Travis Kelce

Georgia: Leonard Pope and Ben Watson

South Carolina:  Jared Cooks and Jerell Adams

Alabama:  Howard Cross and Ozzie Newsome

Honorable Mentions:  Iowa, Wisconsin, BYU, Virginia

Who will be next?  OJ Howard. Jake Butts. David Njoku. Eric Saubert.