The Giants like what they see from Davis Webb

Spiro Kasabian @slickfella_spi

There is a growing sentiment amongst a large contingent of the Giants fan base and beat writers, that it would be a HUGE mistake if the Giants did not select a Quarterback with the 2nd pick in this year’s draft.  Without knowing which Free Agents are signed previous to the draft, this crowd seems to know for sure that any other position that is selected would spell certain doom for the future of the New York Giants.

I am here to play Devil’s Advocate.

Point #1: There are many ways to build a team.  Most people will say that you absolutely NEED a franchise QB to have any sustained success in the NFL.  While I do not disagree with that sentiment, our very own franchise QB has brought us 0 playoff wins in the past 7 years.  This is not a knock on Eli Manning, but rather, an indictment on the surrounding team around him built by Jerry Reese and Co..  A franchise QB alone is not a guarantee of future success.

Point #2: Just because you draft a Quarterback in the Top 5, there is no guarantee that he will be a success.   Vince Young, JaMarcus Russell, Mark Sanchez, Robert Griffin are all recent examples of failed Quarterbacks that have been taking early, and the list goes on and on.  Since 2004, no Top 5 Quarterback has led their respective team to a Super Bowl victory (that is a list that consists of 15 Quarterbacks).

The flip-side to that same argument is that there have been plenty of Quarterbacks taken in the 2nd round or later that have proven to be successful.  What’s to say that if the Giants do not select a Quarterback with their first pick, that can’t they draft Lamar Jackson, Mason Rudolph, or any of the other Quarterbacks that are available?

Point #3: The Giants may think that they have at least 2 more good years of Eli Manning left.  Pat Shurmur has taken lesser Quarterbacks and molded systems to make them successful.  Would it be totally out of the realm of possibility that the Giants went out and signed Andrew Norwell, draft another Guard with their 2nd round pick, and resigned Justin Pugh to create a much better offensive line?  If the Giants were to draft Saquon Barkley in this scenario, a ton of pressure would be lifted off of Eli Manning’s shoulders.  We have not seen Eli Manning given a full, capable offense around him since 2011.

Point #4:  Per Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur, they like what they have seen and heard so far from Davis Webb.  Per Gettleman, Webb was highly rated when he was the GM in Carolina.  Now, could this all be Coach/GM speak? Sure.  Nobody has any real clue of what to think about Webb, except for the men in the Giants building, and I am not so sure they are fully sold either way.

Going back to my Pat Shurmur being able to mold systems to different Quarterbacks, I would not totally discount Shurmur thinking he has a future starter in Webb.  With a revamped Offensive Line, a star Running Back, a star Wide Receiver in Odell Beckham, and a possible star Tight End in Evan Engram.

My final point is this, the 2nd pick shouldn’t be looked at in black or white.  There are MANY ways to build a team.  When it is all said and done, you want to find a star with a pick that is this high in the draft, no matter what the position is.  The last time the Giants had the number two overall pick in the draft, they selected a Linebacker by the name of Lawrence Taylor.

Number 56 led our New York Giants to 2 Super Bowl victories and changed the Linebacker position forever.  Let us hope that our next Number Two pick has anything near that type of success, and leads the New York Giants back to the top.