The NFL draft is fun.  It’s also a lot of HOT air…from us, from national talking heads and drafts guru’s.  So instead of pearing into my Crystal Ball which has abandoned me on numerous occasions.  The Giants draft needs are like rolling the dice.  Who knows what you’re going to get.

Lets take a look through different lenses, with out the names of college players getting in the way.

1.  The Giants need to replenish their passing rushing abilities.  There are only a handful of players that can play Defensive End in a 4/3 scheme under Steve Spagnuolo.  And when I say handful…I mean three players that are worthy of the No. 9 pick.  A defensive end would mean that JPP, Robert Ayers and the slow to develop DeMontre Moore might have some additional motivation to turn up the intensity. 

2. Safety and more safety.   If the Giants convert Gordy, Chykie Brown and whatever camp bodies they have from corner to safety…they’re asking for trouble.  Stevie Brown has given the Giants every indication he is willing to come back and play for a one year deal under Spags.  So in round 2 if the Giants can they should invest a safety.   A guy who can wrap their arms and tackle as well as a guy who can lay the wood on a receiver.

3. In Round 3 the Giants need either a corner back or a guard.  With Prince Amukamara and Trumaine McBride coming off injury a corner back at Round 3 would be a must. There is some talk that a very athletic guy who was a two-way player in college could be available in Round 3.  Jerry Reese ONLY DRAFTS the best player available so this two-way player would be taken even though a corner is needed.  This player could play outside linebacker or safety at the next level.  If that happens…

4.  If that happens…Rounds 4 and 5 should be finding value got the Giants on the offensive line.  Depth is always important.  The offensive lineman left in the draft will all be banging down the door to protect Eli Manning. The fourth round can still deliver big men that can produce.

5. Rounds 6 and two picks in round 7 most likely will be another Tight End and a handful of corner backs to help compete in camp. The Giants lack depth so having two picks in Round 7 is very helpful.