The Giants are in desperate need of a Tight End…it’s that simple.

In the Coughlin era the New York Giants have had some very good tight ends, but somewhere along the line Jerry Reese came to the conclusion that the Tight End position was like the linebacker position…unnecessary.

Jeremy Shockey was a pure baller…but talked himself out-of-town.   Boss was exciting, but took some big hits to the head.  Ballard blocked like a beast and never dropped a pass. For a guy who only caught a handful of balls at Ohio State, Ballard was impressive.

Third round draft pick, Travis Beckum was a bust over three years, but there was a shinning light in 2012 when the Giants snagged Martellus Bennett, the back up Tight End from the Dallas Cowboys.   Eli Manning put Bennett on the map and his career sparked.   Yet, the Giants failed to resign him and his pass blocking teammate, Bear Pascoe.

Brandon Myers, Adrien Robinson, Larry Donnell, Daniel Fells, Jerome Cunningham, have not been able to get the job done.  Injuries and lack of play making ability are the issues here.  

Think about how dynamic the offense could be with a Tight End who could block and move the chains, then again, that might be asking too much. I’m not sure what the answer is…but there has to be more than 64 players in the country that can play Tight End in NFL.

Maybe there isn’t…if that’s the case, then the talent for this position is rare as quarterback and the Giants should think about drafting a Tight End of the future.