Ten things we learned from the Giants Panthers Game

The main stream media will say anything so it sells papers and obtain metrics for their website so they can monetize it.   I love it…I making a living in that space. 

But here on my Giants blog…I get to have fun, say my piece and give you something to think about.  Research says people like bullet points and lists…so here you go.

1. There is no place for baseball bats or weapons of any kind on an NFL sideline 

 2. Josh Norman instigated the situation and took things too far

3. Odell Beckham took the bait and took things too far

4. The referee’s once again failed to control the game and could have easily deterred the situation from escalating.

5. Tom Coughlin’s job is on the line.  Beckham was not benched because he needed to win that game.

 6. Coughlin should have benched OBJ for a quarter.  Gave him an earful and let him regroup, returning him to the game understanding his mistake.

 7.  Odell Beckham Jr. is man of character who made a major mistake.  His Giants career will  not be defined by one game.  See Randy Moss, Deion, Favre, Strahan….LT.

8.  Josh Norman is completely transparent in his post game positioning.  The NFL needs to stomp on this type of bush league character assault and sit Norman down for a game.  If you’re going to “police” football than get it right Goodell!

9.  Tom Coughlin does not have the talent on this roster to close out games when needed.  Hosley, Herzlich, Cooper Taylor, Newhouse, Jerry and Selvie are not talent.

10. Getting rid of Coughlin mostly means goodbye or Spags and McAdoo.   That is a huge mistake.   Eli has had two of his best seasons, back to back years.  

*** Wild Card – Jerry Reese seems to have Tom Coughlin over a barrel.  The team is playing guys that don’t deserve to play.   The entire team is constructed of players that need to be “coached up” and purely do not have NFL talent.   Flowers and Beckham are great but what about:

Kehl, Goff, Woodson, Henderson, Bomar, Brown, T. Beckum, Barden, Sintim, Tracy, Petrus, Dillard, Jones, Scott, J. Williams, G. Jones, Brewer, Jernigan, M. Austin, McCants, Robinson, Hosley, Cox, Herman, C. Taylor, Moore, A. Williams, Berhe…Randle.

Reese is the problem.  Scouting is the problem.  Not Spags, not McAdoo and not Tom Coughlin.  

If Coughlin had lost the team, the final score on Sunday would have been 35 to 7.