The Giants are 4-1 and Quarterback Daniel Jones is clawing his way back into the hearts of Giants fans. On Sunday morning the New York Giants beat the Green Bay Packer in London for thier biggest win of the season.

The Digits:

Daniel Jones: 21 Att | 27 comp | 217 yards | 0 INT

Jones added to the recipe of winning with another gutsy performance where his athletism, toughness and determination helped the QB truly step out from the shadows. With a bloody hand and a bum ankle, Jones reunited with an old flame, wide receiver…Darius Slayton.

Darius Slayton: 6 rec | 79 yards | 13.2 Average

Jones has arrived. Not with a 350 yard passing, 3 TD day, but a day where his nick name “one read Jones” can be retired. He threw for over 200 yards for the 1st time this season and spread the ball around to “eight” different receivers. His 37 yards rushing was the 2nd on the team, a few for key 1st downs. It was a solid performance from Jones on a day where it was okay to let Barkley and the Defense be the star.

Impressive Drive:

With six minutes left in the 1st half Jones and his arm talent were on display. The Giants were down 17-3 and could have easily limped into the half as they’ve done so many times before. But not this time. Jones makes three stellar, tight windows throws on the same drive to set up a Daniel Bellinger TD.

  1. Slayton – 1st & 10. Jones throws an 11 yard strike to No. 86 on the sideline. Packers 28 yard line.
  2. James – 3rd & 13 – Packers 31. Jones rifles a pass to James over the middle. 14 yds | 1st down.
  3. Slayton – 3rd & 9 – Packers 15. Jones snaps the quick slant pass to Slayton. 1st down & goal.

Touch Down – Double reverse & Bellinger takes it in; however he did look like he was planning on throwing the ball, before taking it in himself. Just impressive work. If this was 2021…The offensive would have been 3 and out, giving the Packers and Rodgers a chance to score before half time. No ankle sprain or lack of wide receivers is keeping Jones down. Sills, James, Slayton…lets go.

Jones has been efficient and has made a habit of coming up big in the run game, creating game changing 1st down with his legs and his arm. Sunday morning DJ was on point for the up & coming New York Giants. Jones is part of the Solution.