With the trade deadline now gone,  I wanted to go over the abundance of running backs the New York Giants now have.  Stacked to rafters are the Giants and a move will be needed.

No. 22 – David Wilson is a first round draft pick and the future of the team; however, he has had a rough start to his first year starting being Eli Manning.  Since his injury we have not had much of an update on his return.

No. 35 – Andre Brown the bruiser in the backfield was going to be leaned on heavily this year; however Brown broke his leg during the last week of the pre-season and has been on the shelf ever since.  Since 2009 Brown has only played in 14 games, splitting time between the Giants, Colts, Panthers, Redskins and Broncos.  In 2012, from September through November Brown occupied the backfield with Ahmad Bradshaw until he broke his fibula against Green Bay.  He is due to be reactivated before the Oakland game.

No. 34 – Brandon Jacobs was resigned when the Giants needed a veteran to step in and toe the line for the Giants when Brown went down.  The terrible play of the offense line did not help but Jacobs return did not look promising until he had a break out game against the Bears.  Since then he has had a hamstring injury and been a permanent residence in the training room.

No. 44 – Peyton Hillis was signed off the street after failing in Tampa Bay.   The former Madden cover boy burst on the scene with the Broncos as a full back and when starting running back Ryan Torain went down, Hillis took over the duties.   After tearing his hamstring Hillis was on the bench until being traded to the Browns for Brady Quinn. Hillis thrived in Cleveland, rushing for over 1000 yards, yet was not resigned by the Browns after a few hamstring injuries.   The Chiefs and the Bucs left Hillis on the bench, eventually being cut in September 2013.  Hillis has shown the Giant fans he is a very productive back out of the back field, picks up the blitz and runs with passion.

No. 29 – Michael Cox is a 7th round draft pick that had some late success at UMass.   Cox could be a nice addition to the team if he would learn to run north and south.   The back has a tendency to lose momentum when he tries to juke a tackler.  With the addition of Hillis, someone could become expendable.

Prediction: Wilson stays on IR and Cox is deactivated.

Craig J. Santucci | Senior Editor NY Giants Rush