by Craig Santucci | Managing Editor

It’s done.  The team has been assembled.   A little old and a little new with the hope of major progress.

Twitter followers of NY Giants Rush have been asking why Fewell has been fired.  They would like to remind the world that Fewell has a Superbowl ring too.  

Perry Fewell was a good fit for the time.  Lets remember that Steve Spagnuolo only moved on because he received an opportunity to become a head coach(St. Louis Rams) and he grabbed that opportunity.   The Giants Super Bowl encore performance in the 2008 season with Spanuolo was fantastic.  They improved their record to 12-4, won the NFC East and went to the playoffs.  

This broke the streak of not making the playoffs after 1986, 1991 and 2000.   The 2008 team was very good.

In 2009 the Giants promoted from inside, elevating linebacker coach Bill Sheridan.  And why not the Giants just had a top eight defensive for two years in a row.   However, Sheridan drowned in the spotlight.

Perry Fewell came from Buffalo with great credentials and even had a stint as the interim Head Coach of the Bills.   Over the last 5 years Perry Fewell has done a nice job and won a Super Bowl.   So what happened?

The reason Perry Fewell was fired by the Giants was his lack of creativity and in-game strategy and flexibility.  The better teams just past him by.

Since 2011 the Offenses in the NFL have gotten more dynamic.   Passing and defending the pass is at a premium.   Perry Fewell has not evolved.  If the Giants found themselves outscored and outplayed for a half…you might as well pack up and go home.  Fewell never put the dog in the fight.   Even when facing a game winning drive by the opponent, Fewell coached as it was a Tuesday afternoon in September.

Spagnuolo always threw the sink at the opponent and the “players” loved him for it.   Ask Antonio Pierce and Osi Umenyiora.

“I never have really met anyone quite like him in regards to what he was able to do and the things he would do on the fly,” defensive end Osi Umenyiora told The News. “It was crazy. You’d come in with a game plan and something wouldn’t be going right or something we were doing was getting shredded, and he’d literally — right there on the sideline — come up with something different.”

Pierce: That takes a lot of balls for a coordinator to do — especially in the Super Bowl,” Pierce recalled to the Daily News. “And especially when we hadn’t practiced it at all.

“He’s perfect for a lot of reasons,” Pierce added. “When I think about what the Giants need, they need a pulse. You need someone who when they talk, guys respond.”