Solutions for the New York Giants in 2016

by Shane Sharkey

I hate football right now.  Thank god this season has just about expired.  I’m pissed off at just about everything NFL related, including the refs, the Giants GM, the injuries, the rules that make no sense and no one understands, the national media disgracing Odell Beckham’s name and a complete off-season of Tom Brady and the stupid flat footballs.

Mr. Mara and Mr. Tisch at the end of the 2014 season made the statement, “Playoff or Bust”.   So what now?   The team is depleted by injuries, your head coach is respectively old by NFL standards and your GM has gotten a life time hall pass for absolutely terrible drafts and lame duck free agents.

Solution:   Tom Coughlin stays.  Steve Spagnuolo becomes assistant head coach and is groomed to take over in 2017. 

Solution: Jerry Reese is fired.  Marc Ross, head of scouting is fired and the entire scouting department is fired.  

Solution:  Elevate Charles Way to Director of Scouting.  Talk to Shaun O’Hara and Amani Toomer for executive positions.  Make David Wilson a scout.

Solution:  Will Beatty becomes your starting right tackle in 2016. Geoff Schwartz is let go and the Giants introduce Bobby Hart to the position and look to draft a guard in the 3rd round.

Solution:  Top two off-season priorities – Resign Prince Amukamara and Robert Ayers to 3 year deals.

Solution: After reading our editors comments about receivers, I have been converted.   Rueben Randle is not resigned and Alshon Jeffery from the Bears is signed as the big free agent signing to play across from Beckham. 

Solution: Draft Emmanuel Ogbah*, DE, Oklahoma State.  Emmanuel Ogbah has 110 tackles and 24 sacks in two years at Oklahoma.  The Giants will need to move up in the draft to get him. JPP is not the answer with 8.5 fingers.

Solution:  Ryan Nassib is traded for more picks.   Ryan Nassib wants to play and he deserves a shot somewhere.  He could be a fit in Texas, St. Louis, Chicago, and Buffalo. 

Solution: New strength and conditioning department.   The Giants could start a 33rd NFL team with the amount of NFL starters on IR.   This is the 3rd year in row.  Something needs to change.