With the availability of Henry Hynoski for Week 1 in doubt, the Giants have been kicking the tires of late on free-agent fullback Vonta Leach.

Leach, who was previously released by the Ravens this offseason, has had himself a decorated career being one of the game’s best fullbacks, having blocked for some of the preeminent rushers in the game like Ray Rice, Arian Foster and Ahman Green.

At 31, Leach should have a couple of good seasons left in him and he could provide great insurance at fullback for a team in need of it. There is no telling how long Hynoski will be out with his most recent knee injury and with no other great options at their disposal, the Giants should make this move in case Hynoski can’t come back with the same vigor we’re accustomed to seeing from him.

Sure, there is the option of plugging in Bear Pascoe at fullback. Pascoe has played there before and can be an admirable fill-in, but as one of the team’s better blocking tight ends, moving Pascoe to fullback could be counterproductive.

Then again, with the Giants at a bit of crunch when it comes to salary cap, they would have to get creative to acquire the services of Leach. With more money to spend under the cap, the Dolphins appear to be the overwhelming frontrunners.

Leach is one of the best at what he does and for a team with—for the most part—untested backs in the backfield in David Wilson and Andre Brown, Leach’s presence can be very beneficial for a team looking to jump start its running game.

While Foster and Rice are supremely talented runners and can make plays on their own, Leach’s value to those backs cannot go unnoticed, as his precision blocking and veteran savvy paved the way for a lot of their success. With his experience and poise, Leach could have a calming effect on the young backs, especially Wilson.

Again, it may take some creativity, but signing Leach could help on many fronts and it’s an option the Giants may have to seriously consider—and quickly if they have any notion of snatching him away from the Dolphins.