by Craig J. Santucci @NYGiantsRush

16 years ago, rookie quarterback, Eli Manning stepped on the field and replaced veteran QB Kurt Warner. Warner was a “gun for hire” to groom Manning, the New York Giants 1st round draft pick in 2004. Warner had recently replaced the very popular Kerry Collins.

Warner only lasted 7 games before Head Coach Tom Coughlin made the change. Warner, a Hall of Fame QB never seemed to fit the Giants and had a knack for holding onto the ball…way too long. Crowds cheered when the youngest Manning finally realized his dream.

Over the years Eli Manning has had a rollercoaster ride of new coordinators, head coaches, wide receivers and dump truckload of talented and not so talented offensive lineman. However, the results do speak for themselves: Two Super Bowl trophies. Both against the New England Patriots. That’s what I call…justice

In today’s world of instant gratification, video games and Fantasy football people forgot the players actually have to “play the game”. Winning two Super Bowls is a major accomplishment. I’m sure Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Warren Moon, and Dan Fouts would give up a small fortune for just one.

That’s My Quarterback:

There have been bad slides, fumbles, great escape acts, multi-interception games, fourth-quarter comebacks, and those dopey face expressions. And in the words of Terrell Ownes: That’s my quarterback.

One of my favorite games will always be the 2007 NFC championship game, where “freezing” was redefined and a coach stuck with a very cold kicker. No. 10 simply played lights out with wide receiver Plaxico Buress just ball’n out on the frozen tundra.

It was like everyone else was invisible. Just ask Defensive Back, Al Harris.

The Great Deflection:

No one can tell you that rookie quarterback Daniel Jones is ready to start or if this is a good move. Only time will tell. I can say with confidence that announcing the benching of franchise QB and potential Hall of Famer has thrown off the scent that Shurmur is up to his old tricks: Loosing.