Seven New York Giants players you love to hate

by Shane Sharkey | Contributor

You always root for your team.  The New York Giants are my squad and I support them anyway I can.  Given this opportunity to blog about the Giants it reminded me how blind the fans can be sometimes…including myself.

There are guys on this roster that flat-out just make you nuts.  My job is to highlight those players.  Let me help you before you plunk down your hard-earned money to buy their jersey.

1. Rueben Randle – This guy faces the slot corner and the weakest player on the defense every week, yet… he never dominates a game…but it’s almost not his fault.  All offensive players (beside OBJ) that come from LSU stink.

2. Jayron Hosley – This guy is 175lbs.  What is he really going to do when he is on the field?  Can’t the Giants find a guy that is 180 lbs and contributes a little?   Hosley was a third round pick!

3. Brandon Mosley – This guy is 6’5″ and 318 pounds and 4 years later Giants fans are still waiting for this guy to develop.  A 4th round pick that never sees the field?  What gives?   If this can’t play send him packing.  I think the only player the Giants ever held onto longer and couldn’t play was…Sinorice Moss. 

4. Adrien Robionson – This guy needs to be given a bus pass.  The JPP of Tight Ends can’t buy his way onto the field year in and year out.  Maybe he should buy some M80’s and some cherry bombs.

5. Mark Herzlich – Herzlich might be one of the nicest guys in the sport but he can’t play linebacker at the NFL level.  The mohawk, the WWE eyeblack…for the love of all that is football…just lower your pads and hit someone. 

6. Damontre Moore – 3 blocked punts and this guy literally has taken the rest of the season off.  36 games…and I am still waiting to see him develop into a feared pass rusher.  His 5.5 sacks are coverage sacks.

7. JPP – I’m great.  I suck.  I’m out of shape.  I’m good again.  I want to get paid.  I get paid …but I’m not practicing. I’m working out (maybe).  I’m on social media.  I blow my hand off.  Waaahhhh!