By Michael Stewart/@golferbad

At the time of this article, the New York Giants will be entering training camp with a total of 7 running backs. Of course, this could change before the start of training camp. Their most important back Saquon Barkley will be their main offensive weapon.

Among the other six backs, I believe only Dion Lewis and Eli Penny are already penciled in for a spot on the final roster. Others like Wayne Gallman, Jonathan Hilliman, George Aston and Javon Leake will all compete for the remaining spot or possibly two before opening day.

Among the four mentioned, UDFA signee Javon Leake has the most versatility as he can run, receive, and also excel on special teams; which is a trait that new Head Coach Joe Judge coverts highly. Of course, the Giants could place one or two of these players on the practice squad as well.

Final Thoughts:

With new OC Jason Garrett implementing a new offensive scheme; which emphasizes the importance of a traditional fullback. It will be interesting to see if Eli Penny will be utilized more or will the Giants move one of their tight ends over as an H-back (backfield) to be more of a blocker for Barkley or a combination of both.

Based on their current roster, it appears that they could go in that direction and keep an extra tight end over an extra running back. Over the next few months, I will be spotlighting certain running back with more detailed analysis leading up to the start of the season.