Rant & Rave: NY Giants Draft Edition 2017

by: Shane Sharkey

So the draft is over…thank god.   Not only is it the most boring weekend of TV entertainment, but the Giants proved once again to be clueless and that the “best player available” is a bunch a bunk!  Rant and Rave 2017! 

Maybe Jerry Reese is loyalty by default to his scouting staff; however, these guys desperately need to be put out to pasture. The “REACH” pick the Giants have basically perfected… is not trending.

Rant:   Everyone knew the Giants needed a Tight End including the current Tight Ends on the roster.  So what does JR and the boys do…draft Evan Engram.  Instead of finding a way to Njoku or OJ Howard, strong physical players that can block defensive ends and take hits from a safety, the Giants draft a wide receiver.  While Engram is dynamic, the Giants already have Beckham, Marshall and Shepard.  If Rhett Ellison is your blocking Tight End…what do we need Engram for?   Clearly there is not enough balls to go around.

Rave:   Reese did do a good job holding off from drafting an Offensive Lineman with the first pick in the draft.   The lineman dropped significantly as the draft “wants and needs” changed dramatically after the Bears traded up for Mitch Trubisky

Rant:  So you like Dalvin Tomlinson, the Defensive Tackle from Alabama that JR picked in the second round?   Did you know he blew out his ACL in High School playing soccer?   Did you know just one short year later he blew out his other ACL in his first college game missing the entire 2013 season.  Yes, he had a nice year at Bama in 2016, but what kid blows out both ACL’s before 20 years old.  Could the Giants have moved down to get Cam Robinson or Forrest Lamp? The Giants needed Offensive Line help. Tomlinson doesn’t bring sack skills to the table.

Rave:  Wayne Gallman.  A nice choice in the fourth round.   Gallman,  from Clemson will challenge Orleans Darkwa for carries and possibly a roster spot.  Gallman is not a burner or slasher, so his downhill ability will be useful for the Giants in short yardage situations.   JR is not known for cutting his draft picks, so unless he completely bombs in camp, expect Gillman to be a special teams player who might get 2 to 3 carries a game.  A reliable, cheap back up for Paul Perkins and Shane Vereen

Rant:  A quarterback drafted in the 3rd round?  Worthless.  You would think that the Giants brass would learn from the mistake they made with Nassib.   After trading up for the Syracuse QB, his contribution was holding a clipboard.  Davis Webb was the starting Quarterback for Texas Tech until he was beaten out by Pat Mahomes (drafted by the Chiefs).  Davis then transferred to Cal for one season (2016). Davis Webb is a very good player, leaving him on the bench for 3 years is just mismanagement. With this pick the Giants could have drafted Offensive line help which was desperately needed.

Rave: Hurray!   A pass rusher not named Pierre Paul or Vernon.  Defensive End,  Avery Moss will be a nice situational pass rusher and could develop into a nice 3rd defensive end giving the big boys a break.   At Youngstown State, Moss racked up an impressive 59 tackles, 17.5 tackles for loss and 11 sacks. Moss does have some off field baggage which doesn’t usually sit well for the Giants brass. One would have to guess that JR must be confident that Moss has grown up.  Moss needs to get in the weight room as soon as possible.   With the lowest bench press metrics at the combine, it is apparent he will get pushed around that the pro level without dedication to strength and conditioning.

Rant: This was a terrible draft for the New York Giants.   So many players slipped through thier fingers…again!  To name a few:  TJ WattTakkarist McKinley, Taco Charlton, David Njoku, Reuben Foster, Cam Robinson, Forrest Lamp.

Aren’t you tired of hearing, “Best Player Available”…when clearly that is not the case.