Rack’em: Giants Brass Needs To Look in the Mirror

This isn’t going to be your typical Rack’em. Oh, no.

Like most people in the world when I make a mistake, I Iook in the mirror and have that discussion with myself about necessary changes and things I need to fix.

Are the Giants that type of organization? Can the franchise look into the mirror, and say I’ve made a mistake, and take steps needed to fix it? Who’s to blame…Mr. Mara, Dave Gettleman, or Joe Judge?

Memory Lane

They hired Ben McAdoo with help from Jerry Reese and forced Tom Coughlin to “step down” as HC. They went 11-5 for the season, made the playoffs, only to lose in the first round. The next year they won 3 games and fired both head coach and GM.

We bring in Dave Gentlemen, and Pat Shurmur. After winning 9 games in his two-year tenure they fire Pat Shurmur, keeping the GM.

Enter: Joe Judge

A first-time head coach, and in his first year the team showed fight, grit, and NY/NJ tough attitude, especially on defense. They go 6-10. The fan base is happy because the team showed a real fight! Something we haven’t seen from the last coaching staff.

Now in year Two, Joe judge is 1-4. Some would say…with a better roster. It’s spiraling down the drain quickly. Shockingly, the top 10 defense from last year, is 2nd to last in most categories this season. This unit is far from what we’ve seen last year. The offense just started to click, Daniel Jones looks like a legit QB when the wheels fall off. Most will say the jury is still out, they haven’t seen enough. Which only gets you to ask more questions. Is this a coaching issue, or GM?…


As much as I’ve spoken highly of Dave Gettleman, and stood on the side of optimism…the tides have turned. Dave’s record is 16-37 in his four-year tenure. That comes with bad Free agent signings.

  • Nate Solder
  • Jonathan Stewart (“he still has something left in the tank”)
  • Kareem Martin
  • Patrick Omameh
  • Antoine Bethea
  • Golden Tate (thought he can replace Odell)
  • Nate Ebner (best special teams guy ever)

Here’s a list of honorable mentions. That might make the list after the season ends

  • Kyle Rudolph
  • Kenny Golladay (injured, haven’t scored)
  • Leonard Williams.
  • James Bradbury.

We’re not going to even go into drafts picks. I’ll have you reading this article for the next two days. We’re still questioning the OL, LB, and edge rush positions in his tenure. Remember “Hog mollies.” “Winning the game starts in the trenches.” He thought he fixed the OL “Once and for all” when he drafted Andrew Thomas. But the Giants need about four more Andrew Thomas’.

Can you blame the coaching staff? Definitely! Jason Garrett just started to get better with his concepts and play calling. Patrick Graham’s defense unit is just awful! Nowhere near what we’ve seen last year. Joe Judge is starting to look like the guy who just has a way with words but no action. The largest coaching staff in the league, and here they are 1-4.

One question I may add. Is this the result of the players? Looks like we have all role players but missing the playmakers on all sides of the ball. Mr. Mara, it’s time…it’s time to look at the man in the mirror. You gave this GM 4 years, and two head coaches to get it right and unfortunately he hasn’t. This is a performance-based job where you are judged on wins & losses for the most part.

Once you have that tough conversation Mr. Mara the voice should tell you.  Dave Gettleman should be relieved of his duties. If not by the end of the season, then immediately.