By Andrew Holtorf @allaboutblue88

Will Grier Rising Up the Draft Board

The New York Giants will need a new QB under center in the next two years.  The 2019 NFL draft will have a few quarterbacks looking to make their mark on the NFL.  While no one knows who or what position the Giants may take in the 1st round, Quarterback, Will Grier, for West Virginia is an up and coming hot prospect.


Will Grier – Senior – West Virginia (No. 7) 6-2 | 200 lbs

  • 2018 Stats – 67% – 3,864 and 37/8 (TD/INT)

Game Day Breakdowns:

Grier played 6 games as a red shirt Freshman in 2016 for the Florida Gators.  After transferring to West Virginia Grier started 11 games in 2017 and 2018 as a Junior/Senior. (Sat out 2016 due to NCAA transfer rules going to WV).

Tennessee:  I was very interested to watch his gameplay after all the polarizing views I’ve heard and after watching the tape,  I can already see why.  Against Tennessee, WOW did he perform!  Quality decision-making, accuracy, deep touch, and showed no signs of fear in the pocket.  His escapability is average; however, his quick reads and ball movement was impressive, great game.

Youngstown State: For some reason, Grier played down to Youngstown State, turning in an average performance.   He did have some good deep touch throws but also one bad overthrow, turning into a terrible interception.  He was staring down his reeds which won’t work in the NFL which a much bigger and faster.  Again, not so sure about his arm strength.

Kansas State:  Grier resumed his big-play form against Kansas State winning 35-6.   Great accuracy, touch on deep balls, quick read, and release. Grier went 25-35 for 356 yards, 3 TDS and 2 INT’s.

Texas Tech and Kansas:  Grier was great back to back weeks throwing for 7 touchdowns and over 700 yardsGreat accuracy and his deep balls can be beautiful.  He hits most of them.  Lots of throws are quick release slants, in’s, hitches and some go routes mixed in.  One noticeable attribute:  Grier is NOT afraid to throw into tight coverage and most of the time he’s spot on with the throw.

Iowa State:  Iowa hit Grier a lot.   He showed toughness but scrambling his not his best skill set. He was sacked A LOT!  He didn’t make a whole lot of bad throws, but 100 yards of passing offense doesn’t win.  His one interception was thrown to a well-covered receiver who fell down.

Baylor:  I continue to be impressed by his deep ball touch.  Multiple deep passes, and 353 yards and 3 TD’s.

Texas: Grier showed some moxy with a great 2 min drive to end the game.  He tossed a  beautiful 33-yard pass, dropping it in the bucket for TD and then ran in the 2 pt conversion for the win.  Great poise in a 42-41 win.  Big game ability.

Oklahoma State and Oklahoma: Grier had two great games.  Beautiful deep throws, accuracy, however, there was not much defense played in these games.



  • Beautiful touch passes (especially deep ball and back shoulder) WOW throws.
  • Accuracy,  Makes up for lack of arm strength with accuracy.  Never below 64% ).
  • Quick decision-making/throws

  • Reads the field well.  Ball out of hands quickly for slants, hitches, etc.
  • Escapability is average.  * No fear standing tall in pocket


  • Arm strength average. Lack of pop.  Lack of athleticism.
  • Type of offense run at WV will transfer to Pros.
  • Scrambling gets him into trouble

In Summary

Love his football moxy and persona.  His accuracy is amazing and deep ball can WOW at times.  He has good pocket presence and can extend plays sometimes good and sometimes bad.  Problems adjusting to Pro-style offense?  Hard to tell.  Lack of arm strength or quick release may hurt him in the NFL offenses that want to go downfield often.