A Pass Rush can solve the Giants problems

What is the cure for a lackluster team that seems to be having trouble getting out of its own way? – A PASS RUSH

Nothing changes the tempo and the attitude of the players on the field, more than a pass rush.  Overlooking the lack of urgency on the offensive side of the ball, the defensive needs some attitude and a fix needs to come from the boys upfront.

Currently, the NY Giants do not have a pass rush and haven’t had one for 3 years.   Yes, the personnel is different, light years more talented and of course…much, much richer, but the results are still the same.

Owa Odighizuwa has only seen the field for 56 snaps this season, (average 14 snaps a game) 19% of the defensive snaps this year , and only 11 snaps against the Vikings.   This guy was a 3rd round draft pick and he needs to get on the field, at a minimum to give Olivia Vernon and JPP a rest.  Vernon and JPP are not getting it done, regardless if they are tired or injured.   JPP has not returned to form and may never be the player he once was so Spags needs improve and turn up the scheme.

Maybe all they need is a change of pace and Romeo Okwara could provide a new look to the NASCAR front, potentially confusing the offensive line.  Vernon who is a great defensive end never was a force for sacking the QB and so far…he is consistent. With all this said, something upfront needs to change.  Without the sacks and turnovers this will be a very long year.

Steve Spagnuolo also needs to do something to thrust Devon Kennard into the spotlight.   He has been non-existent with only 15 tackles in four games.  The downhill linebacker might need a blitz package or something to get him going because the season is 1/4 gone and he hasn’t showcased the play making ability we expected him to display this year.