Victor Cruz Era Comes to End

by Tom Peticca (@peticca95)

It’s official, Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings will not be New York Giants next season. They were both cuts that had to be made because they were the older and more expensive members of an offense that was nothing short of terrible last season.

Obviously cutting Cruz is much more emotional for fans recognizing he was a key member on the 2011 Super Bowl team and then some.  Cruz was the heart and soul of the this franchise when things weren’t great.  The fact is this move…had to happen. Cruz cost too much money for a third receiver who had lost that burst of speed and under performed on the outside.  This doesn’t take anything away from what Victor Cruz did as a Giant and in the right situation could come back or make a very good slot receiver for another team…say Denver.

The run Cruz had was unbelievable, but it ended in Philly two years ago.  The salsa will be missed, but it’s time to move on and explore other options at wide receiver.

Rashad Jennings also had to go. For the most part of his tenure as a Giant he was hit or miss and you can’t have that type of inconsistency in your starting running back. He went down to easily and truthfully I was surprised at the lack of tenaciousness.   For a big back, he never just owned the space.

The move is huge for Paul Perkins, who will most likely be the starting running back come training camp. He showed a whole lot of promise when he got opportunities during his rookie campaign and I think I speak for all Giants fans when I say I am very excited to see what this kid has moving forward as the number one back.   If Vereen stays, it could be a could duo.

P.S. Also read today that Donnell will not be resigned and jumped for joy. We all knew it was coming but it’s just a nice thing to see in writing. Go Big Blue!