Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. avoids the Sophomore Jinx?

Michael Stewart | Featured Columnist

In 2014, Odell Beckham Jr. played only 12 games and ended up winning the offensive rookie of the year. His overall stats of 91 receptions/1,305 yards and 12 TD’s gave him a trip to the Pro Bowl. However; through the first 4 games of his sophomore season, Beckham has only amassed 24 receptions/307 yards and 2 TD’s.

Not bad numbers for a WR through 4 games, however; if you’re Odell Beckham Jr. this might be considered an off-year thus far. Beckham is on pace to have 96 receptions/1228 yards and 8 TD’s, those are worthy numbers for Pro Bowl consideration, however; it’s not going to be easy.

Defenses have been double teaming him and playing more physical over the first 4 games. Add to the fact that Victor Cruz has yet to take the field and provide an extra weapon and force defenses to play one on one more often. If this trend continues, Beckham will most likely suffer and his production will reflect that.

The Giants must find a way (OC Ben McAdoo) to put Beckham in more one on one opportunities and provide him the chances to make big plays.  Rueben Randle (14 reps/175 yards/2 TD’s) needs to command more respect from opposing CB’s around league; thus far, that’s not the case.

The Giants TE position has been a total flop as Larry Donnell (15 reps/119 yards/1 TD’s) has been inconsistent for the most part.  The Remaining WR group of Geremy Davis, Dwayne Harris, Marcus Harris have not provided the Giants with the much-needed depth thus far. 

Dwayne Harris needs to somehow fill the void of Victor Cruz and produce like he did against the Bills (5 reps/51 yards/1 TD’s) if the Giants want to see Beckham excel.  Victor Cruz is targeting week 6 to return (crossing fingers); if so, what can we expect from him in terms of production? Should we expect Cruz to return and be as productive before his season ending injury last season?

If the Giants want to regain NFC east supremacy, they will need a healthy and productive Victor Cruz.  Do I believe Odell Beckham Jr. is suffering through a sophomore jinx through the first 4 games; not at all?

However; I do believe that if the trend continues with the double teams, physical play and head games opposing secondary’s have employed, along with the Giants inability on the ground; Beckham’s game will suffer and perhaps the Giants chances of making the playoffs will as well.