By Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor

I live in Philadelphia Eagle country.  It can be a rough place to live when you’re a New York Giants fan.  The fan base is as passionate and loyal as it comes and over the last 2 years this area has been collectively excited about football.

Why:  Innovation

Second year coach Chip Kelly has broken the mold and done things his way, which by the way…works!   The team finds a way to win and they are not afraid to innovate and try something new.   I am not sure the Eagles are much more talented than the Giants; however, the coach is very good at keeping teams off-balance and he knows how to use his personnel in unique ways.

Innovation comes in all forms.

The Green Bay Packers decided that they would put more playmakers on the field on Sunday.  That decision called for Clay Mathews Jr. to play inside linebacker.  A career outside backer…playing inside?   11 tackles, two for a loss and a sack!

Mathews was everywhere!

If this is Coughlins last hurah…he should pull out the stops and try some innovation!

The Giants have very little playmakers on offense without Nicks(FA), Wilson(injury retirement), Cruz(injury),  and Jernigan(injury)…so the pressure has been applied to Odell Beckham Jr.   For the record…OBJ has delivered.

However…it is painfully obvious that Preston Parker and Rueben Randle are role players.   They are not on the level with Beckham.  Hence is No. 1 selection.  But this goes beyond OBJ and his rookie dominance.   The New offensive coordinator, Ben McAdoo is baffling.  For every second that he has Beckham in the backfield on a trick play…he runs a draw on 2 and 20.  I have said this before and I will say it again.  Did Aaron Rodgers run on 2 and 20?  Doubt it!

There are three huge Tight Ends on the Giants roster over 6’4″.    What is stopping McAdoo from lining up 3 Tight Ends wide.  Fells, Robinson and Donnell.  Donnell played a year of Quarterback at Grambling State.   Pitch back, screen toss?  How about the role out flat pass to Hynoski?  

What do I know….I am only some random guy in Section 142.