Odell Beckham Jr: The Real Deal and Numbers Don’t Lie

Odell Beckham is the real deal.  For all the non New York Giants fans or Beckham haters, one can only ask you to try to understand that in 2 short seasons, Odell Beckham Jr. is the best receiver in franchise history.

Yes, in 91 years the Giants have never had such a supreme talent.  Fans instantly fell in love with No. 13, not because of the “CATCH”.   Sure, that took it to a legendary status with seventy year old men right down to 8-year-old boys playing flag football.

Beckham is different, he was electric from the minute they declared him healthy during his rookie season.  I’ll let you in on another secret…every New York Giants fan is secretly praying he remains humble and healthy for a very long time and no one would mind he stopped doing so many commercials.

Through-out those 91 seasons the Giants employed great running backs, all-world defensive ends and legendary Hall of Fame linebackers. This is no disrespect to the pass catchers of the past, but Amani Toomer, Bobby Johnson, Lionel Manuel, Curtis Conway, Earnest Gray and countless of other receivers never had this type of ability.

Lynn Swann, Jerry Rice, Steve Largent, Mark Clayton, Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, Tim Brown, Art Monk, Charlie Joyner, James Loften…never wore Giants blue, so don’t be surprised how the NY Giants fan embraces Beckham as all world.  He’s the Lawrence Taylor of the offense…dynamic, confident, crazy athletic and hard to stop.

New York has always taken shots from national sports writers/analysts and rarely do you see any real love for the New York Giants outside the metro area; [sometimes that’s tough too] however, regardless of what the writers say…the numbers don’t’ lie.  OBJ has had back to back career years. 

2755 yards | 25 TD’s | 187 recs | 14.7 ypc | 102 ypg | 14 catches 40+

Only Julio Jones and Antonio Brown have better numbers than OBJ in a 2 year time span and DeAndre Hopkins is not far behind. Beckham has more catches over 40 yards than Antonio Brown, Julio Jones or DeAndre Hopkins.  Giants fans are energized knowing that OBJ is a top 3 receiver in the NFL…it’s something we are not a custom too.