Odell is Not the Monster Media Portrays

by Spiro Kasabian @nyspawtsguy_spi

I’ve got a secret to tell.

Maybe, just maybe, Odell Beckham Jr. might not be the monster the media makes him out to be.  He’s doing everything right and the fans still love him.

That won’t sit well with some of the talking heads on Twitter and on your TV.  Clicks and ratings aren’t as high when you talk well about a player now ‘n days.  Negativity rules out when it comes to the media. However…not here!

Certain media members are praying for a hold out.  Nothing would please them more, during the dog days of the NFL Offseason, to discuss Odell in a negative light.  The dog-peeing, net-kicking, enigmatic star of the New York Giants was always good for some kind of act that the media could point to and talk about to our wits end.

A funny thing has happened since OBJ’s last obstacle (hotel video), he has gone about his business and kept low-key.  The fans appreciate it.  Gone are the headlines of him skipping workouts, and staying out late.  The negativity has been replaced with videos of Odell working hard, rehabbing his broken ankle and after practice route work with Eli.   He’s in the building, around his teammates and talking with coaches.

Odell is coming off hosting his 3rd annual Youth Football Camp.  Odell was wowing the crowd with his amazing catches and interacting with campers from grades 1-8.  The superstar receiver has been full of smiles and making a connection with each and every kid.  It’s a side that exists in Odell Beckham that doesn’t get enough publicity.

At mandatory camp, OBJ advised everyone that he had no intentions of missing training camp.  The media URGED Odell to hold out, as if they wanted to stir the pot to push him towards not being with his teammates.  What else do they have to write about?  Positive Odell info is not as big of a money generator for them.  For the past few months, business has been slow for the Giant beat writers.  The 25-year-old wideout seems to be maturing right in front of our eyes. A  new contract shouldn’t be too far behind.