Drew Brees left the West Coast in 2006  and never looked back.

Since arriving in New Orleans he has been considered one of the top three quarterbacks in NFL joining Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

While his team, the New Orleans Saints have had an up and down year due to the “bounty” findings, suspended players and the lack of a head coach. Drew Brees is still humming along in the top 3 or 4 elite quarterbacks.

For the New York Giants, beating the Saints has become similar to breathing…it’s a must to survive; however, Drew Brees and his 31 touchdown passes is coming to Met Life Stadium Sunday to put a pasting on Corey Webster and Prince Amukamara.

From the beginning of time the New York Giants has never had pro bowl caliber corner backs.   It’s not from lack of effort because the Giants have drafted Mark Collins, Phillipie Sparks, Will Allen, Will Peterson, Corey Wester, Aaron Ross and Prince Amukamara all in the first or second rounds.  Yet, not one of them has ever been “shutdown” quality.

The two most productive corner backs in Giants history both came from the University of Southern California(USC).  Jason Sehorn(drafted in 1994) and Terrell Thomas(drafted in 2008).   Sunday, Drew Brees is going to push the pigskin up the field and go vertical as often as possible in the attempt to score quick and score often.

This will mostly likely take the home town crowd out of the game quickly.  The pass rush needs to show what their made of and match Drew Brees as often as possible if the Giants want to stay a contender.  Defensive Coordinator, Perry Fewell has been an albatross all year, neutering four world-class defensive ends.

If the Giants want to beat one of the best quarterbacks the NFL has ever had…Corey Webster and Price Amukamara need to have career games.  If the Giants want to make the playoffs…Justin Tuck, JPP, Kiwanuka and Osi need to put No. 9 for the Saints on his back and often.

Perry Fewell needs to open the defensive and let his world-class defensive ends go or Drew Brees will be adding to his league leading 31 touchdowns.

Webster and Prince need to play like the high draft picks that they were…

Craig J. Santucci /Giants Rush Senior Editor

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