Giants vs. Steelers: NY Giants Rush Quick Hits

Antonio Brown vs. OBJ: Who’s better?

Who cares!  They’re both premiere NFL receivers at the top of the food chain.  This debate seems completely unnecessary.  Antonio Brown is a bit older, wiser and patient at this stage of his career.   He’s been around more NFL corner backs than OBJ, yet the two receivers could not be more similar in talent, and explosion. The team with the hottest receiver in Sunday’s game wins.

Giants Defense improves:  

Think back how bad the defense was last over the last 3 years.   The defense is starting to click on all cylinders and it starts upfront.  Big Hanks needs some love or Jerry Reese will let him walk next year.  Snacks has lived up to the hype, though this week he truly earns his money against the Steelers.  Big Ben needs to feel the heat up the middle or he will make the Giants pay the price.

Ben vs Eli:   Who’s better?  

Their career numbers are almost identical give or take a few Eli interceptions.   This is the 4th time Eli and Ben will clash head to head.   The Giants offense is a bit sluggish in 2016 while the Steelers haven’t been lighting up the win column lately.  The difference right now…Eli is not seeing the whole field, leaving receivers (Shep and Cruz) open down field.   Ben is not afraid to go deep and will, but with fewer options.

DRC or Jenkins:  Janoris Jenkins has proved he can play under the big lights of New York and he’s worth every penny JR paid him.  He’s having a great year and makes Eli Apple’s below average start a non headline.   I still favor DRC to cover Antonio Brown.   I think DRC has better field awareness and looks back for the ball when it’s in the air.   Jenkins has a unique technique of never looking back, only to punch the ball out of the receiver hands when he see it drop in over his head.  A bit scary if you ask me. DRC is smooth DB and it matches up better on AB than Jenkins.  

Kick the Ball:

Robbie Gould the former Bears all time leading scorer who ranks 10th all-time with an .854 field-goal percentage needs to kick the ball through the uprights.  He is starting to show why the Bears finally got rid of him.   He has missed over 6 points in the last two games, this can’t happen against a team who does not lose at home often.