Spagnuolo’s defensive clicking for Adams, Robinson and Collins

Would you like to gauge how far the Steve Spagnuolo’s defense has come?

On Sunday against the Eagles, Landon Collins, Andrew Adams, and Keenan Robinson combined for 31 tackles, 1 sack, 1 tackle for a loss and 2 interceptions.  Rookie Andrew Adams who has filled in nicely for injured Darian Thompson had 9 solo tackles and an interception.

This was a team that only three weeks ago had zero turnovers and was starting to look like a unit that Jerry Reese once again over evaluated.  By the end of October, things are starting to click in Spag’s system.   Leading the way is Strong Safety, Landon Collins.

The 2nd round draft pick in 2015 is making a clear statement that he is Pro Bowl material. Collins is the only player in the NFL this season to lead his team in tackles (69), INTs (3) & sacks (3).  As a rookie, Collins started due to a decimated defensive backfield unit.  After some major ups and downs (New England) as a rookie, Collins has bounced back. He is a dominating player in 2016 and contributes his success to a better diet, better training and becoming a lighter.

In 2015 Collins had 108 tackles and 1 INT.  At the half way point, Landon has 69 tackles and 3 INT’s and is on pace for 124 tackles and 5 interceptions.  He has already pulled down his 1st NFC Defensive Player of the Week award.

Robinson leaves Washington to flourish in New York:

The often injured Keenan Robinson has also found some magic.  In 2015 in 12 games for the Washington Redskins, Robinson had 62 total tackles.   In eight games for the NY Giants, Robinson already has 46 tackles and 5 passes defended.  He has been great in coverage and has flashed some exceptional lateral movement.