NY Giants Rush: Rant & Rave 2017

by: Shane Sharkey

Yes…Rant and Rave is back.  There is so many garbage to RANT about I might have to change the title.,

Rant:   Two weeks in the books and I swear I am stuck in the movie “Ground Hog Day”. Almost every year this team comes out of the gate with a whimper.   I’m not sure if this entire franchise has taken on Eli Manning personality of indifferent…but it’s bothersome. Some body stand up and do something.   This the New York Giants and it’s time to act like it.

Rave:  Landon Collins is stud.  This guy is a flat-out baller.   He can back up whatever comes out of his mouth and he brings swagger to this defense.   Eric Ebron from the Lions seemed to tangle a bit with Collins last week, which is surprising for how soft Ebron is.   If the wheels hadn’t fallen off the wagon, I would expect Ebron would have gotten tattooed at least once during that game.

Rant:  Brandon Marshall...are you kidding me with that performance last week.  That one arm, half ass try toward the end of the game was despicable.  Hate on Eli all you want but “Opey” dropped a sweet sideline pass right into his hands and the guy dropped it.  Dropped it!   Last I checked you are getting paid to catch footballs.   Maybe you should have played for free…as you requested earlier this off-season.

Rave: DRC.   Have you ever watched this guy up close?   This guy might be the best tackler on the team.  He doesn’t try to muscle you or cut you down.  He breaks down, like they taught you in middle school and wraps up.  Yes, wraps up.    Regardless of age, he comes to play every week and I appreciate his effort.   He had 11 tackles on Monday Night. And for the record…he’s better than Eli Apple.

Rant: Speaking of Eli Apple.   Can you please act like a first round pick?   Tell me that Ohio doesn’t teach technique?   Tell me Eastern High School does not teach technique? LOOK BACK FOR THE BALL…SON!

Rave:  The rookie Calvin Munson from San Diego State had 7 tackles and a sack.  Great job kid, way to step in and make things happen.  BJ Goodson who is a superior linebacker took a year to get on the field, so let’s note how hard it is to start as a rookie.

Rant:  Eli Manning.  Whether you have 2 or 6 years left in you, it does not matter.  Can you please pick yourself up and play like a leader.   This franchize hands on your play.   We understand your line sucks.  But guess what….the line sucks for Phillips Rivers.   The line sucks for Marcus Mariotta, the line sucks for Russell Wilson and the line sucks for Drew Brees.

Change your game a bit…this team needs you to play ABOVE your potential.  ABOVE what you’ve done before.  At moments, it looks like your done.   Stop being afraid all the time and be a gamer.