by Shane Sharkey

Rant & Rave:

I always thought when you pushed an animal in the corner it came out fighting for its life.  This statement is not true of the New York Giants.  Still boring and uncreative.  Playmakers demolished and our roster looks like a D2 school.

Rant:   Brad Wing needs to be cut.  Send a warning shot that everyone is playing for a job next season and cut Wing.   He stinks this year and enough is enough.

Rave:  Landon Collins is still the best safety in football.   A slam, two int’s, a return…this guy does it all.   Outside of Beckham, Collins is the best draft pick Reese has had during his tenure.  Yes, that isn’t saying much for Reese because he stinks too, but Collins is the real deal.

Rant:   Experiment over.  Rosas stinks…cut this guy.  He has missed kicks, had short kicks and kicked out of bounds.  Time to move on.  The game, the pressure…too big for this guy.  Bring back Nugget.

Rave:  Evan Engram is the real deal.   He still makes rookie mistakes…like stepping out of bounds on a sweet pass play to him, but he’s a ton of fun to watch.  His blocking seems to be above average and he is pretty tough.  He is the only bright spot on a black hole of an offesive unit.

Rant:  A peahawks fan told me to stop crying over injuries, everyone has injuries.   Why, yes they do; yet I have failed to see an NFL team lose 4 starting wide receiver in one game.  These aren’t run of the mill players: Beckham, Marshall, Sheppard and Harris. The Giants are now playing with great college receivers..not professional wide receivers.

Rave:  Snacks is still ballin. Yes, the big man in the middle was shutting down the run and sticking it to Wilson and his receivers whenever he could.

Rant:  Please do not sell your season tickets.  Let them go unused.   Otherwise I have to sit next to these morons you sell your tickets to.   It makes a bad day, even worse at Metlife.