NY Giants Rush:  Ranking The Top NFL Quarterbacks

by Shane Sharkey

These are my top NFL Quarterbacks in order of who I like and who don’t.   I will tell you right up front that I was a quarterback for 10 years through college and semi-pro, so I look for a few things.  I don’t crown a “johnny come lately” like Dalton and I don’t reward a guy like Rivers for having ONLY a big arm.  I also don’t live on Pro Football Focus, splitting hairs.

Beside being good between the lines, I look for a QB with leadership, toughness or durability, the “moxie” to make all the throws, even when everyone says you can’t.

Someone that breeds winning and a guy who stumbles over his hardware on the way to the kitchen while getting a beer.  

My favorite quarterbacks of all time are: Dan Fouts, Brett Favre, Phil Simms and Warren Moon.

  1. Brady
  2. Rodgers
  3. Brees
  4. Peyton
  5. Ben
  6. Cam
  7. Eli
  8. Wilson
  9. Romo
  10. Dalton 
  11. Rivers
  12. Palmer
  13. Ryan
  14. Flacco
  15. Luck
  16. Stafford
  17. Cutler
  18. Carr
  19. Tannehill
  20. Bortles
  21. Bridgewater
  22. Smith
  23. Fitzpatrick
  24. Bradford
  25. Mariotta
  26. Kaepernick
  27. Cousins
  28. Foles
  29. Hoyer
  30. Winston
  31. McCown
  32. Tyrod Taylor