By Zain Syed @ThisIsNotZain

Welcome to Pain’s Points, a recurring list and thought process that gives all New York Giants fans, well…Pain.

Pain Point #1: The Offensive Line

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the offensive line is simply offensive. The Giants completely ignored the line this past offseason through FA and the NFL draft because “they believed in their guys” more than everyone outside the building.

Fast forward to the current day and Andrew Thomas, the 1st round pick from Georgia, has shut everyone up. Shane Lemieux got injured in camp, leaving the Left Guard as a revolving door, Nick Gates suffered an Alex Smith-like injury, and replacement Billy Price is not worth his price. Will Hernandez is just flat-out bad and Matt Peart couldn’t beat out Nate Solder who is too many steps slower than the common man.

It is a disaster and the team will need at least 3 new starters assuming Lemieux has recovered and can play. Oh yeah, the depth of this position stinks too!

Pain Point #2: Dave Gettleman

Gettleman is the man responsible for the current roster and state of the franchise. There aren’t enough characters or words in the human language to describe the amount of failed opportunities Gettleman has embarked on. Poor drafts, bad FA signings, lack of depth, and most importantly, no improvement or progress.

All signs and indications point to a mutual parting for Gettleman and the organization at year’s end. I was never a big Jerry Reese guy, but he was the GM for 2 SB winnings teams and even Reese was fired in season. Gettleman is being handled like that old grandparent that is being forced into a retirement home so we have to be really, really nice to him because he’s “grandpa”.

Gettleman will go down as quite possibly the worst GM in Giants history and the only person to blame is John Mara (a constant Pain Point himself).

Pain Point #3: Joe Judge

Oh, what a web we weave.

We all recall the introductory presser about how prepared, disciplined and tough this team would be and now look at them. Players are consistently making mental mistakes, missing assignments, and afraid to tackle. This special team guru leads a “middle-of-the-pack” unit (14th per Football Outsiders) that has not improved at all. Joe Judge has even given up roster spots specifically for Special Teams.

Judge talks a real big game but when it comes to game time, he flops. His recent rant that lasted almost 12 mins gave everyone a whole lot of nothing. Joe Judge comes across as a guy who believes he’s just smarter than everyone (no wonder DG gave him the green light) and continues to talk like a Head Coach that has been winning for decades.

We all hope that when we get a Bill Belichick disciple it translates to long-term success and championships. Right now, I would just be happy if Joe Judge learned just one thing from Belichick, just shut up and say nothing. All the quotes and rants have gotten this fanbase to a place where Joe Judge talks and no one is listening any longer.

Stay tuned for more, there are always Pain Points in life, especially if you are a Giants fan. Remember, this is our Pain and we have every right to be mad about it.