NY Giants Rush: Linebacker Unga needs help underneath

A win is win and yes, some things are starting to click.

However, Spags needs to “coach up” Unga in the passing game.   The underneath of the Giants defense is severely exposed with Devin Unga sitting back on his heels.  The backs and receivers from the Cowboys, Falcons and the Redskins ALL are having success underneath.

And until it is stopped…expect that game tape to be making its rounds around the NFL.   Opposing team all watch video at nausea and it’s starting to become a trend…beat the Giants underneath because the Unga has trouble picking up the routes.

While he is a very good downhill backer with 26 tackles and a knack for making a big play he needs help recognizing the underneath route.  Too many offensive drives are being extended.

Jon Beason might be working himself back into game shape, or it might be by design that he isn’t on the field during passing downs, either way…Beason needs to give Unga some pointers or it’s going to be a long season for rookie linebacker.

And for all the Twitter chatter about Unga being a tweener….the man is 6’1, 240 lbs.  A tweener is a tall, light linebacker like Jacquian Williams who was 6’3, 224 lbs.   Williams was cut by Giants and still is not on an NFL roster.